2 Shifts That Could Change Everything When You Are Trying to Conceive

Oct 03, 2022

2 Shifts That Could Change Everything When You Are Trying to Conceive
Once you have discovered that getting pregnant isn’t going to be as simple and quick as you thought and the world of testing and #TTC hashtags become your norm, you have likely researched your way to fertility diets, supplements, lifestyle changes and much more. You may have a list a mile long of what you researched and I am sure plenty of it is conflicting information. Go Paleo, but also go vegan. Take this supplement but don’t take too much of this one.

There are many reasons this can be problematic. First of all, you are not everyone else. What will work for you may not work for another person and that is ok. Also, these articles, papers, blogs and resources you are researching don’t know your story. They don’t know what your lab results say or what your lived experience has been.

However what I believe is most lacking in this space is two things.


Ok, before you roll your eyes at me, hear me out!


If you have been trying to conceive for any length of time, you have properly tracked your ovulation, your basal body temperature, your cervical mucus and more. You have likely scheduled sex with your partner and chances are it may have started to feel more like a chore than joyful or sexy. Is this you? Have you been here?

Gone are the days of spontaneity and for some couples, even fun and playful dating. You are both on a mission to “get the job done,” am I right? You both have realized your fertile window each month is much smaller than we were ever really taught so we schedule it in, cram it in and just focus on getting the sperm to the egg. Maybe you are even sitting with your legs up the wall afterwards.

Let us tell you, a simple shift in perspective here can change EVERYTHING! It is statically shown that when both partners are thoroughly enjoying intercourse and when both have orgasms, the chances of conception dramatically increase. If you think about it, it makes sense! Babies want to come into loving homes and this is one way the universe and our biology increase those chances.

Instead of stressing out about having sex RIGHT before you ovulate, let loose! Remember the power of foreplay and dates that are purely for fun! Court your spouse, giggle with them, share with each other your fantasies. What do you really want in the bedroom? What do you want outside of the bedroom?

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Our romantic relationships are meant to be safe spaces, so spend some time rekindling your fire and getting playful in the bedroom, even when you are not ovulating!


As the months and for many, the years go by with more periods and negative pregnancy tests, it can become harder and harder to visualize your life with your baby. Maybe when you first started trying to conceive, you were thinking about what you would add to your baby registry, walking through the aisles of strollers, cribs and baby gear at Target and perhaps you even searched Pinterest for how you were going to announce your pregnancy this fall. But then the two lines didn’t come. again.

It is hard to keep hope, but even harder to keep seeing your life with your baby. Yet, this can change everything. Everything.

Marketing professional Jenna Kutcher has shared how when she visualized her life with her daughter it empowered her to see the path to the next steps that she could work on before actually even conceiving.

Musician Halsey shared in her song, More visualizations of holding her sonogram photos, the patter of little feet and communicating with her child that while she was waiting for their time to arrive that she would love them more.

Truly believing that your child is on their way to the point where you can close your eyes in any moment and see what it will be like when your child is here can EMPOWER you in many ways.

First, it can show you, like it showed Jenna what you can do next! Is your life set up for family? Is your life/work balance where it needs to be? Have you set the boundaries you need to set? Do you have the support system you want? The space you want? What can you do now to make your life easy for a child to come into?

Second, it shows the universe, God, your spirit baby, whoever you believe in that you TRUST that your baby is coming! This activity encourages you to LIVE your life in the FORWARD and unpause it. Many couples we work with have paused everything in their life except their conception efforts when really living your best life is far more likely to help manage your stress and in result your bodies ability to conceive.

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Now, we are not saying Just Relax because that serves no one. Read what we have to say about that phrase here. What we are saying is LOVE the life you have, celebrate your love, have fun and paint the clearest picture you can of your life with your baby that is ON THEIR WAY right now!