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My name is Sarah Clark.

I struggled with infertility just like you.

I had both my children with donor eggs.

Years later I discovered the root cause of my infertility was a food intolerance and later a gut infection.  By using a functional health coaching approach that uncovers potential healing opportunities, we can help you get pregnant and have your baby!

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Start Here

Work with Us

Couples Coaching Program

The Fab Fertile Couples Coaching Program is a unique program that will allow you to take a targeted approach to your fertility. We have found that including your partner in the program sets you up for success as you embark on your family building journey. Your partner may deal with infertility differently than you, but that does not mean they are not equally impacted. This program will layer in strategies that focus on your health and well being while giving you both a positive outlook for the future.

Mindfulness Fertility Program

Embrace your fertility journey with proven relaxation techniques and stress management strategies that help you regain control and cope with infertility in a much more positive way!

Meet other women who are trying to conceive, from the safety of your own home

Fertility Yoga Series

Our fertility yoga series was designed to support women currently facing fertility challenges. Not only are there numerous benefits from the postures, but yoga offers a quiet, inner reflection as encouragement to take time for yourself on daily basis.

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What People Are Saying

“I met Sarah and I felt an instant connection to her as she was approachable and very much down to earth. I knew I needed someone to talk to as I have been trying to conceive for a while by the time our paths crossed. I am happy to report that our baby daughter was born early February!!! Sarah was an integral part of bringing my bundle of joy into this world and I am forever thankful for her guidance and support!!! “


“We think this program should be a part of what every couple does at the beginning of their pregnancy plans, regardless of where they may be on the fertility spectrum. It is a holistic, wholesome and lifestyle approach that would benefit so many people. We really, really wish it was mandatory part of the referral from a OB/GYN to a fertility clinic.”


The Mindfulness Fertility Series was amazing! I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to conceive, or those who have experienced loss. I was scared the first two transfers, so scared it wouldn’t work. This time was different. Although it was scary I felt like if it didn’t work I would be okay. By the end of the course I am happy to say I am pregnant!


Meet DanielleShe followed my program and after 2 unsuccessful IUI attempts became pregnant and delivered a healthy baby. She struggled with endometriosis and recurrent miscarriage. After following our proven protocol she improved her health and was able to get pregnant.

Meet Erin: She followed our program and after repeat miscarriage, endometriosis, autoimmune condition and multiple failed IVF attempts she was able to prepare her body for a successful IVF and welcome her daughter.

Meet Danielle A: She participated in the mindfulness fertility program and after miscarriage was able to welcome her baby girl.

Meet Lindsey: Working with Sarah and Brandy of the Fab Fertile Team has been a wonderful experience. I went into the program without most of the answers as to why I had been feeling so poorly, causes for infertility, bloating, gas and other GI distress. I will be ending the program now knowing and appropriately managing Hashimotos, probable celiac, SIBO and “leaky gut”. I have learned to adjust my lifestyle to one promoting and exuberating health. I am very grateful I found Sarah and Brandy, they have literally helped change my life. I highly recommend their program!

Meet Sarah: I came to the program as a last result having gone through multiple rounds of failed IVF, IUI, and clomid cycles over the course of a few years. It is relevant to note that I had an AMH of 0.09 which is considered undetectable by most doctors. This program was the impetus I needed to make positive changes to my diet. I also strayed outside of my comfort zone to try things like yoga and meditation. I found out I have Celiac Disease because of this program! Unbelievably, just four short months after making the diet and lifestyle changes I fell pregnant naturally with a little boy. I’m now six months pregnant and have had the most blessed and wonderful pregnancy. I’ve kept up with the diet and lifestyle changes and now consider them to be permanent changes for the better.
Aside from falling pregnant, I look and feel better, my skin is clearer, I am less anxious, stress levels are down, and I’m happier overall. Highly recommended



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