A journey through infertility

Aug 20, 2015


This video is from the story of one women’s struggle with infertility.  As a self described control freak, she pushed her way through infertility.

Like so many of us her body was trying to send her signals….slow down….but she kept going until she was forced to stop.

The body will whisper to us and then it will start shouting, usually in the form of disease.

Many women that face infertility are Type A, go-go type people. They attack their fertility with the same battle plan.  Push, force and move ahead.  While these are commendable traits sometimes the simple act of “letting go” and will do more good for your body.  Controlling every situation can lead to burnout and exhaustion.

Check out this inspiring video of one women’s journey Over Terror’s Edge.

Link to TED talk

What is one take away from the video?  Did you see yourself in her story?

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