Conquering Low AMH + Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Nov 08, 2023

Conquering Low AMH + Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Jessica had always dreamed of expanding her family, but her path to pregnancy was far from smooth. After experiencing secondary infertility, she knew she needed to explore alternative approaches to conventional medicine. She found hope with our Fab Fertile program, a holistic approach that seeks to address the root causes of fertility struggles. Her journey towards achieving her dream of motherhood was an inspiring success story.

When Jessica sought the help of our team, her health history revealed a complex web of issues that could be contributing to inability to have a second successful pregnancy. Her symptoms were diverse, ranging from gut problems to hormonal imbalances, immune issues, mineral imbalances, circadian disruptions, and more.

Gut Imbalance:

Jessica's gut health was compromised, leading to bloating, abdominal cramps, and food sensitivities, particularly to gluten and dairy. She had been experiencing digestive issues since her early 20s, which were exacerbated by past antibiotic use. Her diet history included excessive sugar consumption and persistent issues like daily gas with pain.

Hormone Imbalance:

Jessica had suffered the heartbreak of two pregnancy losses both at six weeks, accompanied by severe PMS symptoms, dry mouth, decreased libido, cellulite, and easy bruising. The grief from these losses and continued fertility challenges weighed heavily on her.

Immune Imbalance:

Her immune system was also struggling, and she had environmental allergies, possibly due to mold exposure in older homes. She was experiencing a toxin burden that her body was unable to tackle on its own.

Circadian Imbalance:

Sleep was a constant challenge for Jessica. Her young daughter's frequent nighttime awakenings disrupted her sleep patterns. She struggled to fall asleep and found herself wide awake between 2-4 am, unable to return to sleep. This lack of quality sleep led to daytime sleepiness and no dream recall. Racing thoughts plagued her mind during the night.

Thyroid and Adrenal Imbalance:

Her thyroid and adrenal imbalances contributed to persistent fatigue and low energy levels.

Emotional Imbalance:

Jessica carried emotional burdens, experiencing anxiety, depression, irritability, and anger. She had sought therapy but needed a more holistic approach to address the root causes of her emotional struggles.

The Fab Fertile Approach:

Jessica's team conducted a thorough evaluation and created a personalized plan to address her unique health imbalances. The approach included dietary changes to address gut issues, lifestyle modifications, supplementation, and targeted therapies to address hormonal, immune, mineral, and detoxification imbalances. Honest conversations with her fertility coach also led to implementing some transformational lifestyle changes such as rediscovering her joy and prioritizing self care. 

After months of dedicated efforts and unwavering commitment to her personalized plan, Jessica experienced remarkable improvements. Her gut issues resolved, her hormonal balance improved, and her emotional well-being flourished. She embraced a healthier lifestyle and although stress still was a part of her life - she had the tools to navigate it instead of letting it exhaust her. 

Most importantly, Jessica's dream of expanding her family came true. She became pregnant.

Jessica's journey is a testament to the effectiveness of tackling complex health challenges and achieving transformative outcomes. She not only conquered secondary infertility but also revitalized her overall well-being, paving the way for a brighter and healthier future for her growing family

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