Energy Medicine: How To Connect With Your Future Child

Dec 12, 2016


I am excited to welcome Nancy Mae to the blog today!

Nancy is the creator and author of The Energetic Fertility Method™. Her struggle with infertility along with her extensive work with Walter Makichen, renowned clairvoyant and author of Spirit Babies:  How to Communicate With the Child You’re Meant to Have, helped shape her work as a Coach and Trainer.  She has studied energy medicine, including Intuition Medicine®, and has training in Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and yoga and meditation.

Her book the Energetic Fertility Method:Tools For A Healthy Conception and Beyond can be found here.She offers a free chapter of her book too!

Explain to us what exactly is energy medicine?

Our bodies are energy and our thoughts are energy!

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt that the energy in the room was tense or conversely very relaxed?

That’s reading energy!

Energy Medicine complements other approaches to medical care and is a complete system for self-care and self-help.

The body is healed by activating its natural healing energies and restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed or out of balance.

Energy Medicine is utilized in practices such as acupuncture, Reiki, kinesiology and qi gong.1

Explain the Energetic Fertility Method™

The Energetic Fertility Method (EFM) uses principles of energy medicine and applies them to fertility to help you conceive. EFM is designed to evaluate what’s going on from a conscious and unconscious level and then helps you to clear the spiritual and emotional blocks that may be standing in the way of a healthy pregnancy. It also gives you the opportunity to learn how to connect with your future child before conception.

I developed the process after years of training at the Academy of Intuition Medicine® and with Walter Makichen.

Ultimately, it’s an empowering method that can provide you with tools designed to help you bring your body, mind and spirit into alignment for fertility and beyond.

How can the Energetic Fertility Method help someone struggling with fertility?

EFM offers tools to help you shift your energy for fertility. Here are a couple of exercises that can be done at home, during a doctor’s visit, during a procedure or during the two-week wait.

1) Grounding Exercise – Many times when we’re experiencing infertility we may feel a sense of hopelessness or that we have no control over our situation.  Grounding can help keep us centered and focused, which creates a sense of peace and stillness.

Try this exercise:

Sit comfortably, with an upright spine.

Take a few deep, cleansing breaths, breathing in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

Now in your mind’s eye see or sense roots going down from your feet into the Earth. See or sense a “Grounding Cord,” like a large root of a tree, going down from your hips deep, deep into the core of the Earth. Your grounding cord can be whatever size and shape you want. Maybe it’s a sequoia tree or a waterfall. Maybe it’s a ship’s anchor or a column of light. Find what works for you.

Connect with the Earth. Feel a connection. Think of all the gifts that the Earth gives each day to all her children. Thank her. Then mentally ask and with your intention draw pure Earth energy up through the roots in your feet and through your grounding cord. See or sense this energy as a color, tone or vibration.

The energy slowly comes up your legs and the grounding cord and pools in the hips. There it circulates, and as it circulates, draw it up the spine to the top of the head, over the head and back down the midline into the grounding cord. This sets up a circuit of flowing energy that comes up from the Earth, pools in the hips, and flows over the spine and head and back into the Earth, circulating, flowing, cleansing, and grounding your primordial energy reservoirs.

Sit and let this energy flow for at least two to 20 minutes. If you have time, you can allow more Earth energy to enter the bottom of your aura and slowly fill it to the top until you are bathed fully in this restorative Energy.

It’s best to do this exercise at least once per day. It grounds and strengthens the nervous system. Periodically, throughout your day pause and reconnect to your grounding cord and draw in Earth energy. This can be done in 30 seconds, even while talking to someone. 2

2) Setting the energy in the room – Many times when we are going through infertility we might be in places where we feel uncomfortable, tense or nervous.This exercise can help you shift the energy and allow you to feel empowered.

Try this exercise:

Sit comfortably, with eyes closed.

In your mind’s eye visualize or sense a beautiful tree in the corner of each part of the room.

The tree has magnificent branches with strong roots that anchor and ground it to the earth.

Take a few deep breaths and feel the energy of the tree.

Visualize or sense the power and strength of the tree in each corner of the room.

Notice any thoughts, sensations or images that come to you as you travel on this inner journey. No need to judge these, just observe them and let them pass.

Feel your feet on the ground.

Feel your connection to the earth.

Take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

How does the Energetic Fertility Method
help someone who isn’t spiritual or doesn’t have a spiritual practice, but is struggling with infertility?

1)  Learning to be present – Cultivating mindfulness can be very helpful for someone who may not feel they are very spiritual.Many of us go down the rabbit hole of “what if’s”.  This can be very overwhelming.  Mindfulness is a choice that we can make in every moment.  Over time we can bring a sense of peace and calm to our daily lives.

2)  Learning how thoughts impact emotions – Getting curious about the thoughts you are having on a regular basis (no judgment, only curiosity) can help on the fertility journey.  Many of the thoughts you have today will be the same ones you have tomorrow.  Bringing awareness to thoughts is the first step and then you can begin to bring in new more positive uplifting thoughts.

3)  Understanding how you show up – You may act differently with your boss than with your partner or your friend. Get curious about how your behavior changes with different people or situations. When you show up authentically, this will allow for self-acceptance to grow.When you learn how to show compassion and love to yourself you can begin to show love and compassion to others.

Describe some of the chants and meditations that are recommended in the Spirit Babies book.

So many of us experiencing infertility either blame ourselves or feel our body has failed us and sometimes we can feel quite powerless.

Forgiveness can be very helpful.

When we forgive, we create more space within us.We can slowly begin to let go of pain, resentment and anger.

The more we are able to forgive, both ourselves and others, the more we are able to open up the space for a baby.

Forgiveness Chant

Close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. Say the following chant out loud. Repeat it for at least two minutes. Set a timer if it’s helpful.

I am washed by the waters of forgiveness.

My heart is embraced in love.

Another helpful chant is one that connects you with your future child on a heart level.

Heart Connection Chant

This chant has seven syllables. The “oh” sound comes from your heart. The “ah” sound you visualize or sense resonating in your future child’s heart space. You go back and forth with the “oh” and “ah” sounds and finish with the “om” sound meeting in the middle of the two of you.

oh ah oh ah oh ah om

Once you know how the chant goes, close your eyes and repeat it for at least two minutes. Set a timer if it’s helpful.

Do you have any resources you recommend?


1)Energetic Fertility Method – Nancy Mae – download a free chapter

2)Energetic Fertility Method – Nancy Mae – available on

3)Expectations – 7 Key Factors That Influence Your Fertility – Nancy Mae

4)The Energy Of Words– Michelle Arbeau

5)Daring Greatly – Brene Brown

6)Non Violent Communication – Marshall Rosenburg

7)Spirit Babies – Walter MacKitchen

Nancy offers an 8-week online course.The course is designed to help you create the opportunity to bring your body, mind and spirit into alignment for you and your potential future child.For more details click here!

She also offers individual sessions! For more information click here!

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