Fertility Yoga Poses That Can Help You Conceive

Oct 14, 2016


I am so excited to speak with Amanda Stevenson on the Fab Fertile Blog!

Amanda is a certified yoga teacher (200 – CYT).  She specializes in yoga for women’s health including fertility, prenatal and yin/restorative.

She loves helping women understand their bodies and how stress can affect fertility, weight gain and blood sugar levels.

She takes a holistic approach, and empowers her clients to nourish and heal the mind and body. She enjoys being a Mom and caring for her family. She spends every summer traveling around Nicaragua. She also enjoys gardening and cooking. She is always reading and upgrading her knowledge with health and nutrition. She currently teaches Fertility and Prenatal yoga The WOMB (world of my baby) in Milton, Ontario.

What is the difference between regular yoga, hot yoga and fertility yoga?

Yoga in general is great for your health and wellness!  There are however many different yoga styles, so the choice can be overwhelming!

Styles such as Ashtanga (moving rapidly from one pose to the next), Bikram (hot yoga in a studio of 105 F and 40 humidity, typically faster moving flow poses), Kundalini (constantly moving and invigorating poses great for meditation too), Restorative (less work more relaxation), Vinyasa/Power (stems from ashtanga and typically faster moving) and Yin (quiet and meditative) are just some of the different types of yoga practices.

Fertility Yoga offers specific poses to gently open the hips, release tension in the pelvis, nourish and repair the reproductive organs, increase breath awareness, calm the mind and nervous system.

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Fertility yoga should be practiced in a regular temperature room at a slower pace.

Most hot yoga classes offered are flows or vinyasa styles. Overall, these styles are great for connecting breath to movement, toning and strengthening the body. However, combined with the heat, these classes are typically intermediate to advanced, they flow quickly and leave little time for a longer savasana (rest period).

For some women, this can cause dehydration, dizziness, weakness and nausea depending on your current treatment plan and state of health. Most women facing fertility challenges have pelvic floor issues, back pain or injury. Not all yoga is suitable for these health conditions.

For example, hot yoga can warm up your body too much (including muscles, ligaments and tendons) this increase blood flow can make you feel more flexible than what you are. This can cause you to over-stretch and could lead to further injury.

Hot Yoga is typically not recommended for preconception and fertility, especially in the two weeks after ovulation.

What are the best types of Yoga for Fertility?

Typically Gentle, Restorative or Yin classes in a regular temperature room are the best for fertility.

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What is Fertility Yoga and how can it help?

Fertility Yoga is a holistic approach designed specially for women.  It focuses on gentle postures involving the hips and pelvis. These poses slowly begin to soften the body especially around the reproductive organs.

A knowledgeable fertility yoga teacher will also make recommendations, answer specific questions and help you find other practitioners who can assist you. You will also feel more at ease with other women who are facing similar challenges, make new friends and find emotional support. Remember we are preparing your body for pregnancy. This means it is time to heal, nourish and restore the body.

A fertility yoga class is well rounded and will address physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. This includes various topics like managing stress and self care.

Fertility Yoga specifically helps with the following:

  • Resets your endocrine system and balancing hormones
  • Clear blockages in the reproductive areas
  • Increase circulation and blood flow in pelvis
  • Still the mind and find peace in your journey
  • Release mental tension and stress

Fertility yoga is best combined with other fertility treatments such as massage, acupuncture and nutrition consultation. You, your body and mind, will begin to transform and find a new journey as you prepare for a future pregnancy.

Some other commonly asked questions include – How do I improve my core strength and what about back pain?

Each woman will have unique needs in addressing their core and back pain. Knowing the root cause of back pain can help your yoga teacher guide you through the poses.

What feels good for one person, may not feel good to another. If it is acute or mild back pain, most yoga postures will relieve tension. If the back pain is chronic, it is best to seek professionals who can properly assess your health and go from there.

I recommend a Pelvic Floor Therapist, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor. Yes there are specific exercises to strengthen your core and a Pelvic Floor Therapist will give you ones specific to your needs. In general a consistent, dedicated yoga practice focusing on breath work and restorative postures are perfect for back pain and easing tension in the pelvic floor.

What are some poses that are beneficial during menstruation?

Practicing yoga during menstruation is not only safe it is encouraged. Restorative poses coupled with meditation can help alleviate cramps and stabilize your mood too!

One Legged Forward Fold

This pose massages abdominal organs and relieves menstrual cramps

Bow Pose

Strengthens abdominal muscles and alleviates menstrual discomfort and constipation

Reclined Bound Angle

Always a relaxing and restorative pose to help open hips and relieve tension in the pelvic area. This is one of the top recommended poses for fertility too!  These poses coupled with deep breathing and can calm the mind.

What are some fertility yoga poses?

These poses coupled with deep breathing can calm the mind and begin to prepare the body for a baby!

Legs Up the Wall Pose

Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Supportive Bridge/Bridge Pose

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The Rest and Restore Fertility yoga will help you end your day with this deeply soothing restorative practice preparing your mind and body for a good night’s rest. 

Restorative yoga is known for resetting the parasympathetic nervous system OR “rest and digest”. This is when our body is in balance and harmony.

Restorative yoga gently opens up the body, especially the hips and pelvis. This 25 minute practice is a wonderful way to end your busy day and support proper sleep. Get a blanket, a few bed pillows and let’s REST and RESTORE.

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