Have you done this before Ovarian PRP Rejuvenation?

Oct 17, 2023

Have you done this before Ovarian PRP Rejuvenation?

If you have low AMH and high FSH, Ovarian PRP Rejuvenation may be recommended to “wake up” your ovaries. The beauty of Ovarian PRP is, unlike IVF and other fertility treatments, there isn’t a lot of downside. It is more affordable than IVF, minimally invasive and a great option. The success rates being published are remarkable. But why doesn’t it work for everyone? Why are some doing it up to two times without seeing the same results as others?

>> Are they prepping their bodies?

If your body is inflamed, if you have gut infections, are navigating biochemical challenges within your body, the blood cells that would be used to regenerate your ovaries may not be healthy enough to successfully stimulate new cell growth. 

Dr. Tabatha, Triple-Board Certified In Obstetrics and Gynecology, Menopause, And Functional Medicine shares in this podcast that she recommends at least 6 months of a major health overhaul before giving PRP a shot. It can be an incredible tool to help stimulate your ovaries and grow new cells IF you have first worked to reduce inflammation and really support your body in deep healing! 

Instead of rushing into this procedure, consider building a foundation where you can really see what your body is navigating and support it from within. Then, when you feel like you are as ready as ever to be pregnant, PRP will be right there ready to give you a boost forward on your journey. 

Note: As Ovarian PRP is gaining in popularity, it is still relatively new. We highly suggest seeking out a provider with vast experience with the procedure.