Have you scheduled your worry time?

Jun 08, 2016


If you are trying to conceive and have a healthy baby, it can make you feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Know that feeling this way is completely normal!

We know that stress affects your fertility and your health.  Which can lead you on downward spiral of anxiety and worry.

Time to schedule your Worry Time!

Worry Time allows you to set aside specific times in your day to worry.

Sounds counter-intuitive, I know!

Instead of resisting your obsessions, devote some time each day to thinking only about your worries.

Here are the steps:

1) Set aside 10 minutes of Worry Time twice daily – e.g. 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in evening

2) Spend the entire 10 minutes thinking only about your worries for ONE issue.  You can speak into your phone (using voice record) or write them down, (speaking out loud the worries is best though).

3) Do not think about positive alternatives, only negative ones. Do not try to convince yourself that your worries are irrational.  This part is crucial!

4) Attempt to become as anxious as possible during your Worry Time

5) Continue for the full 10 minutes even if you run out of things to worry about and have to repeat the same worries again.

6) At the end of the 10 minutes of Worry time let go of the worries with some deep breathing. has a timed and guided meditation (you can set it for 1 minute).

People who worry, tend to worry in short bursts throughout the day and convince themselves that everything is fine and then they carry on, until they start to worry again.

It becomes a vicious cycle of all day worrying.

In worry time you don’t fight or struggle with your worrying thoughts, you give total and full attention to your worries for 10 minutes.

The first few days you try this you will probably become upset.

This is normal!

After all you are focusing on your worst fears, but then after a few days you will find it hard to worry for the full 10 minutes.

Instead of feeling anxious you will begin to feel bored.  Wouldn’t that be better instead?

To get the most benefit from Worry Time!

Challenge yourself to Worry Time for 10 days, twice per day!

Remember during Worry Time you don’t want to convince yourself that your fears or worries are irrational, quite the opposite.  You want to become as anxious as possible.  Only after doing this for a few days, will you slowly run out of worries.

Make sure you practice the breathing technique at the end to let the worries go!

After practicing for 10 days you should find your worries start to dissolve and don’t occupy your mind every second of the day.

Infertility is hard!  Make sure you get support!

Join our Fab Fertile Support Group for mini challenges, inspiration and motivation here.

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