How Stress Impacts Your Fertility Health And What You Can Do About It

Mar 09, 2021

How Stress Impacts Your Fertility Health And What You Can Do About It

When dealing with infertility, it makes complete sense to have stress and anxiety around the future. Fertility issues can become all-encompassing and impact your mental and emotional health.

The question often asked, though, is, does this stress further impact your chances of conceiving?

Some say yes, and others aren’t so sure. At Fab Fertile, we’ve often heard the statement, “But women in war-torn countries can get pregnant, and they are under tremendous stress!” While this statement is more anecdotal than anything else, we want to encourage you to learn more about why your stress level matters when it comes to your fertility health.

The Research Around Stress and Infertility

A recent study observed that it took women with high alpha-amylase levels, a stress-related enzyme in saliva, 29% longer to get pregnant than women with lower levels of the enzyme. This means that your body picks up on chronic stress and, again, through a shift of hormones, determines that stressful times aren’t the optimal time to conceive.

Further supporting this, the National Institute of Health shared a study in 2018 that stated, ” …psychological interventions for women with infertility have the potential to decrease anxiety and depression and may well lead to significantly higher pregnancy rates.”

There have also been studies on how stress affects your cortisol, known as the “stress hormone.” Too much stress for too long can overload the adrenal system with excessive cortisol and adrenaline. This suppresses progesterone, and progesterone is the hormone responsible for conception, helping a woman’s uterus be healthy enough to support a developing embryo.

Overall, it is evident that infertility patients experience distress, depression, anxiety, and decreased quality of life. We want to offer assistance to these patients by way of functional health and emotional support.

Various Forms Of Stress 

While on the surface, you may think stress just impacts your emotional state, we contend that it does create various health issues beyond your mental state. Some examples are:

Physical: Physical stress can come from overexertion due to a vigorous workout. Also, being very sedentary can cause physical stress on the body too. Even a pinched nerve or a repetitive strain injury can cause physical stress.

Environmental: Your daily routine could be creating a toxic mess in the body. Toxins from personal care products, cleaning products, Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) from phones, laptops, and WIFI, pollution, pesticides, and herbicides all negatively impact the endocrine system form of environmental stress.

Bio-Chemical: This type of stress may go unnoticed for years. That’s why Functional Testing is so important to determine which are the next best steps to improve health and fertility. Gut infections and other underlying conditions can place an additional burden on the body. These include long-standing diseases such as parasites, fungal overgrowth, and food sensitivity.

How Fab Fertile Can Address Your Stress

The stress and strain of infertility can burden your health, life choices, relationships, and efforts to conceive. We offer you tools and various specific and unique resources to provide insight into your fertility and improve your mental and emotional state. Some examples are:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Couples Coaching Program: We offer customized coaching and nutrition calls. This will help you focus on your preconception health in the best way possible while layering in mindfulness, fertility yoga, and mindset strategies to set you up for success.

Guided Fertility Visualization Exercise: This 12-minute recording will take you on a journey through the fertility garden. You’ll experience deep relaxation and a feeling of peace and serenity. Practice this exercise daily to receive the most benefit.

Fab Fertile Support Group: Join others that are going through infertility just like you! We offer challenges, motivation, and inspiration. If you want to vent in a safe place, we all just get it and are here for you!

Supercharge Your Fertility Discovery Call: Book this free call so we can talk more about your overall health and stress management.

Even getting five (5) minutes per day of meditation can help to reset our body. Deep breathing exercises can be beneficial too. Simply closing your eyes and focusing on the breath can bring a sense of calm as well. Remember that thoughts are expected when you are practicing deep breathing or meditation. Let the thoughts come in, and then let them slowly go. You can download your FREE guided fertility visualization.

We also encourage you to learn about our Fab Fertile Method and don’t forget to check out my Resources page for more information and products to help you on your journey to getting pregnant.

Sarah Clark empowers couples to discover how lifestyle and diet can dramatically impact their chances of conceiving. She was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at 28 and had both her kids with donor eggs. Not until years later did she discover that the root cause of her infertility was a food intolerance and later a gut infection. 

Don’t forget to check out my Resources page for more information and products that will help you on your journey to getting pregnant.

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