Is Child's Pose good for fertility?

Apr 24, 2015


I have loved yoga for years and find it very restorative and deeply relaxing.  It helps me focus on my breath and truly stay in the moment, while getting some much needed exercise.

When I was going through infertility I practiced yoga, but didn’t realize there were specific poses to enhance and boost fertility.  My kids are now 10 and 13 and the natural health movement was not in full gear and simply not on my radar!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Sue Dumais, Fertility Yoga Specialist. Her online yoga training and teacher training has helped many women connect with their body’s innate wisdom and conceive.

A great pose to boost your fertility naturally is child’s pose.

According to Sue Dumais, “this pose calms your nervous system helps reduce blood pressure and balances the endocrine system”

Sue tells us to avoid any postures with deep abdominal twisting.  This may interfere with the blood flow to your reproductive organs. Also she recommends avoiding any inversion poses during the menstrual cycle.

Fertility yoga is very calming for anyone experiencing the roller coaster of fertility emotions.  It helps to maintain a positive self-image and positive thinking.  As Sue shares it can renew your sensuality and feminine wholeness.

There are a number of poses that are good for fertility according Yoga Journal including:

Child’s Pose

Leg’s Up the Wall

Seated Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend

You can check out Sue’s video series for more details and her article published in Infertility Awareness Association of Canada’s Creating Families magazine at:

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