Stress and Your Fertility: Learn How To Cope And Ultimately Thrive

Dec 06, 2016


Let’s face it going through infertility is hard!

You may have been told by your doctor/ObGyn/Reproductive Endocrinologist that you:

a)  you will never conceive

b)  you will have a very difficult time conceiving

You may feel like you are on a roller coaster of emotions including:








You may feel that your body has failed you!

That all your friends and family members seemingly get pregnant so easily.

Your Facebook feed fills up with pregnancy announcements and baby pictures!

Everywhere you turn you see another pregnant belly!

The anger and jealousy and grief never leave you.

You feel completely stuck and consumed, even obsessed with your journey to have a baby!

Know that wherever you are right now!

Everything you are feeling is completely normal.

Let that sink in!

It makes sense that you feel this way.

Infertility can affect every aspect of our lives.

What if there was a way to help you deal with the overwhelming emotions and the stress associated with infertility?

What if you could do something that would actually help you conceive.

Alice Domar pioneer of mind body therapies for fertility found that women that participated in a support group, that included mind body therapies such as meditation, visualization, and fertility yoga were three times more likely to conceive.

Here are some free resources for you:

Guided Fertility Visualization Exercise – this 12-minute recording will take you on a journey through the fertility garden.  You’ll experience deep relaxation and a feeling of peace and serenity.  Practice this exercise daily to receive the most benefit.

Fab Fertile Support Group – join others that are going through infertility just like you!  We offer challenges, motivation and inspiration.  Also if you want to vent in a safe place, we all just get it and are here for you!

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AM/PM Fertility Yoga – easy fertility yoga poses to practice when you wake up and before bed.  Specifically designed to enhance your fertility and tap into the relaxation response. 

Fertility Yoga Series – 6-week online program– practice fertility yoga in the comfort of your home with instruction from a fertility yoga expert!

Online Mindfulness Fertility Series – learn how to cope and ultimately thrive with the emotions surrounding fertility.  A version of this program has been run in a hospital fertility clinic for a number of years with great success!  We are pleased to offer this online program!  Jump on the waitlist!  Limited space is available!

Fab Fertile Couples Coaching Program – get support from a fertility expert (a certified life coach and health coach who has been through infertility).  The program includes functional lab testing, personalized diet/lifestyle strategies and you’ll learn how to cope with jealousy, anxiety, stress, and more.  Plus you’ll discover a renewed sense of hope!

Excited you’re here!

Not sure where to start?

I’m pleased to offer you a free 30-minute Supercharge Your Fertility Discovery Session.

We will come up with a plan just for you to help you cope with the emotions surrounding infertility.

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Sarah Clark empowers couples to discover how lifestyle and diet can dramatically impact their chances of conceiving. She was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at 28 and had both her kids with donor eggs. Not until years later did she discover that the root cause of her infertility was a food intolerance. Join the Free Fab Fertile Support Group on Facebook for mini-challenges, motivation and inspiration!