The Impact of Functional Medicine Testing

May 05, 2016


I imagine that we have all heard the phrase, “there is more than meets the eye.” Well, in terms of functional medicine, this statement could not be truer. It is known that the body emits outward expressions of its state of health. However, there are so many conditions that go under the radar in terms of diagnosis. This is where functional medicine testing takes place.

There are many intricate components to the body that relate to fertility and supporting a child and it is important to recognize every one and ensure that they are in a proper state.

Perhaps one of the most influential aspects of good fertility is that of hormone balance. The endocrine system, specifically, is very integrated within itself. This means that the endocrine organs are continuously communicating — sending hormonal signals. Additionally, this also entails that if one organ is out of balance or under the influence of disorder that it will very likely affect another relating organ. Endocrine screening, a certain test in functional medicine, uncovers the true state of your hormonal status. If your hormones are “outta whack”, it may actually be the root cause of your infertility; and functional medicine will get you one step closer to conception. Specific endocrine screening tests include:

  • Screening of the Thyroid Panel and antibodies
  • Ovarian Function Test (an assessment of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone levels)
  • Adrenal hormones
  • Melatonin

Another form of functional medicine testing is that of cardiovascular screening. We all know how important proper blood health and flow (to reproductive organs, specifically) is to our chances of conception. One of the common ailments found with cardiovascular screening is that of Antiphospholipid Syndrome, or Sticky Blood Syndrome, meaning that there are abnormal antibodies linked to blood clots within veins and arteries. This syndrome can often cause difficulty in conceiving and even result in miscarriage. If you are struggling with infertility, it may be a good idea to get your blood checked out. Because not only will good blood health bring about improved fertility, but better overall health in general. This is because blood not only relates to fertility, but to nutrition, bone health, and to the vitality of organs — it is influential to the entire body.

Nutrition is also a key element in the game of fertility and conception. Nutritional deficiencies are becoming more and more common in this society. However, this does not mean there is no hope. Nutritional screening can provide a comprehensive overview of your nutritional intake and what key vitamins or minerals you may be short on in your diet. You would be greatly surprised to know exactly how much your body is missing out on; I knew I was when I got it done. For diet change and correction of deficiency can greatly impact hormonal level, mental attitude, as well as corresponding with reproductive health.

I hope that this article has furthered your understanding of functional medicine and how it truly can expose the root causes of your infertility. This makes sense, as the very philosophy behind functional medicine is, “once the root cause of disease is discovered, we are no longer treating symptoms, but the body in its entirety.” For this is what functional medicine testing is striving for — to treat the entire body and bring it back into balance and to improve fertility on the way. So what do you say, what will you do treat your entire body?  It is worth a shot, and you will be immensely surprised.

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