Top Essential Oils for the emotions surrounding infertility

Dec 10, 2015


If you are struggling with infertility you may be experiencing a roller coaster of emotions such as sadness, overwhelm, anxiety or anger.

Adding essential oils to your fertility toolkit, together with diet and lifestyle changes can be very beneficial for your well being and your fertility!

Today I am excited to interview Sue Thomson for my blog.  Sue is a teacher, Pilates instructor and doTERRA oils distributor.

She experienced years of insomnia (over 30 years) to be exact!  As a busy mom and small business owner, running on 3-4 hours of sleep or less for years sometimes made it hard to get through the day.   She also struggled with anxiety and high stress due to the fact she wasn’t sleeping.  After discovering essential oils she is finally able to sleep through the night.  She shares that she is experiencing the best sleep of her life, which she attributes to power the essential oils.

For anyone struggling with infertility, symptoms of stress, anxiety, insomnia can be quite common.

I asked Sue to share with us her top essential oil recommendations that can support the body, mind and spirit!

Which oils do you recommend for stress?

  • Lavender
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Wild Orange
  • Frankincense (can be taken internally and is good for inflammation)
  • Vitiver – very helpful for sleep – gives sense of peace in the mind
  • Balance – grounding blend – apply to feet in morning – makes the day a little calmer
  • Citrus Bliss – invigorating blend – gives a little pick me up during the day and has an amazing smell – smells like a creamsicle
  • Serenity – calming blend – makes you relax

Blends for balancing hormones

  • Past Tense – manages headaches
  • Clary Clam – designed to women to balance hormones

Which oils do you recommend for anxiety and depression?

Sue has had personal experience with depression and anxiety and has been on anti depressants for many years.

Essential oils are effective to reprogram the stress response at a chemical level.  Over time the body is better able to deal with depression and anxiety.  Sue was able to stop taking her anti depressants.  She explains that the benefits are cumulative and take time.  She also uses a variety of essential oils that she applies topically, takes by mouth or diffuses in the air.  (Please consult with your healthcare practitioner before you consider stopping taking any medication)

These are some recommendations (similar to the oils recommended for stress)

  • Lavender
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Wild Orange
  • Frankincense  – can be taken internally and is good for inflammation)
  • Vitiver – very helpful for sleep – gives sense of peace in the mind
  • Balance – grounding blend – apply to feet in morning – makes day a little calmer)
  • Citrus Bliss – invigorating blend – gives a little pick me up during the day and has an amazing smell – smells like a creamsicle)
  • Serenity (calming blend – makes you relax)
  • Past Tense – manages headaches
  • Clary Clam – designed to women to balance hormones

Which essentials oils are good for helping to improve sleep and combat insomnia?

  • Lavender
  • Vitiver
  • Serenity
  • Cedarwood

Sue adds a combination of the above essential oils (3-4 drops) to her diffuser (she has a diffuser that runs for 8 hours). She then adds 1-2 drops of Vitiver and Lavender to the bottoms of her feet.  After the lavender goes on her feet, she takes a few moments to deeply inhale the scent in her hands.  This helps here to relax and if she happens to wake up, she is able to fall back to sleep in about 15 minutes. For a long time insomnia sufferer this is amazing!

What essential oils would you recommend for meditation?

  • Frankincense – helps enhance spiritual awareness (some people may not like this scent, it may require some patience to get used to the scent)
  • Hawaiian Sandlewood – good for calming and harmonizing the emotions
  • Sandlewood

These oils help to create a sense of calm.

What oils would you recommend for Yoga and Pilates?

These oils are very uplifting to help during the exercise:

  • Lemon
  • Grapefriut
  • Lime
  • Peppermint – helps to open the airways – helps with breathing and calming the nervous system, also good for the gut
  • Cedarwood
  • Sandlewood

Which oils do you recommend for abdominal massage and general massage?

Aroma Touch  – which is a combination of oils with include (basil, grapefruit, cypress, marjoram, peppermint) is good for relaxation, anxiety, muscle aches and pain, relieving tension

You can combine this with a carrier oil such as a Fractionated Oil from DoTERRA.

How often would you diffuse and use the oils?

It varies from person to person.  The fastest way to get into the body is the feet.  They will go to the symptoms that need to the most support, such as the endocrine system.

Diffusing Oils – diffuse essential oils of your choice throughout the day.  Typically 4-6 drops in a diffuser.

Topical oils – 1-2 drops for topical (they are extremely potent).  Best place to apply is to the feet or the back of the neck.

Ingesting oils – you can cook and bake with the oils (need to ensure don’t overuse the oil as it can be very potent).  Try adding oregano to a pasta sauce (take a tooth pick and dip it in the oregano and then swirl in the sauce), even this small amount gives your recipe it a nice flavour.

What are your favourite essential oils to add to your smoothie?

Sue loves to adding peppermint oil to a chocolate smoothie.  She also recommends adding wild orange to or tropical citrus smoothie

How can we add some variety to water?

Adding lemon oil to water is great to heal the gut and for detoxing the liver.  One drop of lemon oil is the equivalent to half a lemon.   For additional gut healing you can also add 1-2 drops of the essential oil Digest Zen (which is specifically designed for the gut) to a cup of water.

The following are great essential oils to add to your water:

  • peppermint
  • wild orange
  • lime
  • grapefruit

I hear you have a new kit that helps with emotional support?

This kit is designed specially for emotional support.  In the English language there are 4,500 words that describe emotions.  We tend to focus on our negative emotions and how they hold us back.  This kit was designed specifically to deal with all the emotions that we feel.

There are 6 blends:

  • Motivate – encouraging blend
  • Cheer – uplifting blend (depression/anxiety)
  • Passion – inspiring blend
  • Forgive – renewing blend
  • Console – comforting blend
  • Peace – reassuring blend

There is a wheel on the inside to the kit that helps you pinpoint the emotion and the corresponding oil.

The essential oils can be applied topically or used in a diffuser.  It is best to use the essential oils throughout the day for optimum results.

For example some emotions that someone may experience while going through infertility or repeated miscarriage may include:

Discontentment, bitterness or anger.  After consulting the Emotional Support Wheel the essential oil Forgive (or the renewing blend is recommended)

What are some resources that you recommend?

Modern Essentials Usage Guide – is a quick guide of the therapeutic use of oils.  It also delves into the science the essential oils

The Essential Life – very easy to read – gives recipes on how to use the oils – which is a great way to use the oils internally

doTERRA University – good tips for how to use the essential oils

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