Tubal Reversal – What Steps to Take?

Jul 28, 2016


Before I get into specific methods for improved fertility and healthier fallopian tubes, a tubal reversal is the removal of a tubal ligation, a surgical and permanent birth control option that blocks the fallopian tubes, and provides a second chance at conceiving for women who have undergone the procedure. A tubal reversal consists of the removal of a portion of the blocked fallopian tube and a reattachment to once again attain an opening to allow an egg to move towards the uterus for fertilization (75% of women that have undergone the procedure are capable of conception and in maintaining a healthy pregnancy).

Even though the ability to conceive is regained during this procedure, it can often leave a woman with internal scar tissue that can actually make it more difficult to achieve conception and have a healthy pregnancy. However, there is no need to fear and there is always a way, as a few methods have been developed to help alleviate and dissolve scar tissue and provide a better chance at conception. For example, Systemic Enzyme Therapy has been proven to help the body break down and dissolve scar tissue within the body.

Specifically, system enzymes are the molecules that catalyze chemical reactions for entire body systems, and they are extremely important in our overall health. Systemic enzymes counteract chronic inflammation, improve blood flow, and – you guessed it – break down the very substance that scar tissue is made from: fibrin. Not only does this therapy dissolve scar tissue, but also provided many other actions that are proven to improve fertility. In fact, another effect of this therapy is to regulate and lessen the occurrence of a hyper-immune response in the immune system; studies have shown that it may prevent the rejection of a fetus and decrease the chance of miscarriage! Even though this therapy can do a lot for our fertility, it is not the only thing we can do. A strategy as simple as massage can work wonders for our chances at conception.

Abdominal massage is helpful in the way that it, similarly to enzyme therapy, can break down scar tissue and reduce inflammation. Another notable result of this fertility massage is improved circulation to the abdominal area; we have covered before the importance of blood flow to fertility, and this is no exception. With proper circulation, not only will scar tissue dissipate, but the fallopian tubes will be brought to a state of excellent health!

One of the other major methods to increase fertility after this procedure is the application of Castor Oil Packs, and is best used before abdominal self-massage. Like the other two therapies, Castor Oil therapy softens scar tissue and improves circulation – two major aspects to fallopian health. For not only does proper blood flow hydrate and strengthen the affected area, but it also encourages faster healing within the body – for this paired with the breaking down of damaged tissue is both very powerful and impactful on your journey towards conception.

Other than alleviating scar tissue and improving circulation, the final solution towards conception is nutrition. As being healthy not only improves your fertility and chance at maintaining pregnancy, but in turn, makes a healthy baby as well!

I hope with this article you have learned the importance of rehabilitating your fertility after tubal reversal, and also the best methods by which to do so. Do you have faith that these therapies can bring about your conception – are they worth a shot? For perhaps these methods can be as life-changing as the procedure, and bring about more hope than ever before. What do you think?

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