Why checking semen health matters for low AMH/HIGH FSH

Mar 28, 2022

Why checking semen health matters for low AMH/HIGH FSH

As you may know, we support couples with low AMH/high FSH to improve their chances of pregnancy success.  Our Fab Fertile Method includes the male partner because there are always specific steps he can take to optimize preconception health (even when his semen is normal and especially when it is not).

Male factor makes up 50% of fertility struggles. Sperm health matters and we can easily do something about it! Let us tell you more.

Conventional vs Functional

Even if you have been told before that your semen analysis was fine, we want it to be optimal and conventional levels are not at the same as functional reference ranges. For example, an acceptable morphology by conventional standards would be 4% while the functional range would be 12%. Functional ranges allow us to make changes BEFORE issues become diseases or more substantial conditions. 

Not Just For Women

Many women are making all the diet and lifestyle changes and the male partner may be supportive and willing to change – but he may not know what can be done to optimize his fertility.

That is why we coach couples. It is not only about getting the female healthy for pregnancy – the male partner must be included to increase the chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Simple lifestyle changes dramatically impact sperm health because when our body is depleted or struggling, it is in survival mode (imagine low power mode on your phone). Your body’s resources are limited. Addressing these areas of your wellness can make a massive impact!

  • Discovering and eliminating reactive foods in your body (food sensitivities)
  • Correcting low stomach acid and possibly H.pylori
  • Recalibrating vitamin + mineral imbalances
  • Boosting your immune health
  • Addressing any blood sugar imbalance
  • Diving deep into your lipids and cholesterol, while removing inflammatory “bad” fats 
  • Optimizing your vitamin D levels
  • Making sure you are hydrated (50-75% of your body weight in ounces daily)
  • Addressing any issues with thyroid health
  • Evaluating your protein intake and absorption
  • Making sure you are getting 7-9 hours of sleep nightly 
  • Exercising daily to your body’s unique tolerance (if you feel spent, you did too much)
  • Addressing your mental and emotional stressors, eliminating the ones you can, and optimizing self care to manage the rest.
  • Discovering the toxins in your environment and removing all those you can. 

Learn More On The Get Pregnant Naturally Podcast

We have a great podcast episode for you to listen to here: How To Improve Low Sperm Count, Motility and DNA Fragmentation.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Functional reference ranges for the semen analysis so we can identify healing opportunities to achieve optimal fertility. We discuss count, motility, morphology, DNA fragmentation, and more.
  • Diet/lifestyle and the impact on male fertility
  • Themes we see with male factor fertility
  • Environmental toxins and how to reduce exposure to improve male fertility
  • Supplement recommendations to optimize male fertility (visit for specific male fertility supplement recommendations)

 Your Sperm Analysis: 

With at-home sperm analysis, such as what’s offered with Legacy, you are able to collect your sample in the comfort of your home. The Legacy sperm testing kit includes a special buffering medium that keeps your sample viable for up to 48 hours, as opposed to the usual 60 minutes. The sample is shipped overnight to the lab, where a technician will analyze it.

Many mail-in sperm testing kits give only the basic results, like sperm count and concentration. Legacy’s analysis kit tests for every sperm parameter evaluated in an andrology lab and offers personalized recommendations for improving sperm health based on your lifestyle and sperm testing results.

A typical cost for an in-office semen analysis is about $250, but it requires a prescription from a doctor, and the office visit may have a separate fee. The cost of a Legacy at-home semen analysis is $195, and it does not require a prescription from a doctor. You can use code FabFertile for 20% off . Order yours at

Once you receive your Give Legacy Semen Analysis Kit, it is important to follow these directions:

  • Abstain: Sperm counts are highest if you’ve waited at least 2 days between instances of ejaculation, but waiting longer than 7 days can mean your sample will have fewer motile sperm. So, for best results, you should abstain from ejaculation for 2–7 days before producing your sample for sperm testing.
  • Limit Interference: Personal lubricant and even saliva can impact the results of your sperm testing. Avoid these when collecting your sample. Special fertility-friendly lube, like Pre-Seed, is an alternative that’s been shown to have no impact on semen analysis results.
  • No condoms: It may sound obvious, but a sperm testing sample shouldn’t be collected in a condom—many condoms contain spermicidal ingredients.
  • Be well: Sperm health can be affected by illness and fever, so try to avoid doing sperm testing when you’re sick or recovering from sickness.

It is important to follow all these steps to get accurate results. Please reach out to our team or directly to Legacy with any questions. 

To learn more about how the Fab Fertile Method can help improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally, apply here. We’ll come up with a plan specifically designed for your situation.  We specialize in low AMH, high FSH, premature ovarian insufficiency, and diminished ovarian reserve.

Blog by Samantha Coffin – Fertility Coach at Fab Fertile Inc.