9 FAQs About Low AMH And High FSH That Can Help You Improve Pregnancy Success

Aug 01, 2022

9 FAQs About Low AMH And High FSH That Can Help You Improve Pregnancy Success

Most of the couples we help get pregnant naturally with their own eggs have Low AMH and High FSH. We love watching their periods return, their numbers improve and their lives elevated by working on missed healing opportunities. Here are 9 of the FAQs we get asked! 

What does POI Stand for? Premature Ovarian Insufficiency. 

Does high FSH affect ovulation and the ability to get pregnant? We see FSH levels decrease all the time which leads to pregnancy success. High FSH can impact pregnancy success and ovulation. The key is to dig deeper and adjust missed healing opportunities like food sensitivities, gut infections, nutrient imbalances, heavy metals, thyroid imbalances and chronic stress.

Is there a way to restart my natural cycle? I haven’t had one without hormonal support for over a year. Yes! We see this all the time! Once we address the root cause and missed healing opportunities, we see cycles return. 

Can lifestyle changes fix empty follicles? Yes it is possible by addressing missed healing opportunities like food sensitivities, gut infections, heavy metals, environmental toxins, blood sugar dysfunction and thyroid imbalances.

What levels do you consider low and high? We don’t provide a diagnosis for an age or FSH. Typically low AMH is anything under 1.0 ng/mL. And FSH anything over 15 MiU/ML may be considered high. We don’t focus on these numbers but look to see missed healing opportunities.

Can HRT (hormone replacement therapy) help someone naturally conceive? Is HRT and birth control the same? Bio-identical hormones can be part of the solution to help improve pregnancy success. However, we wouldn’t recommend birth control. Check out this episode of our podcast for more information about the impact of oral birth control and health on your fertility.

Can acupuncture and chinese herbs help my period? Yes, acupuncture can be very helpful and we have talked about it a lot on our Get Pregnant Naturally Podcast.

My doctor is recommending we move straight to donor eggs. Should I? Before you move to donor eggs, figure out what your missed healing opportunities are. It is important to work on your health first so that the embryo will be able to implant.

My doctor is recommending I use estrogen and progesterone. Does this work with Fab Fertile’s method? Yes! Plus we make the necessary targeting diet and lifestyle changes.

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Blog by Samantha Coffin – Fertility Coach at Fab Fertile Inc.

 – Fertility Coach at Fab Fertile Inc.