Why this fertility tracker can help to better understand your hormones while TTC

Aug 15, 2022

Why this fertility tracker can help to better understand your hormones while TTC

Let me take you through the day in the life of a woman on a fertility journey…

It all begins in the morning, the moment you wake up. Bear in mind, that you are not supposed to move an inch before you stick a very specific thermometer in your mouth to track your temperature. Don’t even think about rolling over and wrapping your arms around your snoozing husband as that would create way too much movement and could disrupt your morning temperature. Now you must analyze your BBT or basal body temperature to see if there are any slight, minuscule shifts.

Then, finally, you get to go to the bathroom and pee on a stick. Now there could be multiple test sticks that you get to pee on depending on where you are in your cycle. Should you use the LH ovulation predictor pee stick? Or should you use a pee stick that measures your progesterone to see if ovulation actually occurred? Don’t forget to save all of those test strips! So you throw the pee strip in a drawer to be pulled out later and analyzed. Oftentimes, you think there might be a faint positive line so you take a picture and post it on the many Facebook Forums to see if anyone else can see the line. Trust me, I have done all of this and more before.

After this, you get to input all of your information into your fertility app and see what day is optimal for timing sex. Did you know that there are over 100 Fertility tracking Apps on the Market today? How does one even choose which App is the best? There is one for tracking just your cervical fluid and another for tracking just your BBT. There is one that tracks everything from your bowel movement to the amount of wine you had last night. Just look and you will find one that fits your specific needs. Which one are you currently using?

Throughout the day, you are constantly checking your cervical fluid and trying to determine what type of fluid is on the toilet paper. Does it have the consistency of a raw egg white or does it look more like hand cream? Is it shiny or slippery? Let’s analyze it some more. Does this sound familiar?

Oh, the joys of being on the fertility journey are just never ending! On certain days of your cycle, you might be required to go into the lab to get your blood work drawn. This normally happens on day 2 of your cycle and then again on day 21. So if insurance is not on your side, after spending about $150 for just one day of testing you get to do it again in just a couple of weeks. In the meantime, you must plan your vacations, day trips, and your job around these very important dates. You don’t want to miss these days because if you do then you will have to wait another entire month before you can get the proper information. 

You can also spend about $300-$400 per month to get a full hormone panel tested, such as the DUTCH test, and see what is going on in a more in depth picture. Most of us do not have the funds to do this every month though. So it only tells the story of what is going on in that one particular cycle. Our cycles can change quite a lot depending on what our stress levels are like, our diet, lifestyle, and even how much we have been sleeping lately.

After all of this is it any wonder that women trying to conceive can be slightly stressed out? Just slightly.

There are many ways to reduce stress on the fertility journey and I have found one way that has been a game changer! After doing all of the above month after month, I knew I was just continuing to spiral down the path of added stress, money, and time. I saw a post about Inito which is yes, another fertility pee stick but so much more cohesive than all of the other things.

Inito is one test strip that actually measures all of the hormones on just one strip. So you don’t have to have multiple different test strips testing for different types of hormones and you definitely don’t have to save the test strips in a drawer to be looked at later. You don’t even have to post your pictures on Facebook asking if anyone else can see a faint line. You don’t get an annoying frown face picture pop up on your test strip and you definitely don’t get a BIG FAT NEGATIVE blinding in your eye as you do with some of the other test strips.

What you do get is a clear picture of what all of your most important hormones are doing for that cycle. Inito tests for LH, FSH, Estrogen, and Progesterone throughout your entire cycle. It will show when the hormones start to shift and if they stay high for long enough. It can also pinpoint where some problems might be creeping in. This gives you so much more knowledge as you are seeing the entire dance of your hormones versus just a day or two when you get the blood work done.

It is also much more affordable than the other hormone panels as the test strips are about $50 per month. With Inito you get 15 test strips to use starting on day 6 through day 21. I do wish that they gave you at least 20 test strips per packet as it is important to continue testing throughout your luteal phase. You can easily order more test strips when needed though. You do have to purchase the applicator according to your phone model and as of right now it only works for iPhones which is a bummer for Android users. Out of all the test strips, expensive hormone panels, and exhausting drives to the lab to get pricked for blood work twice per month, I have found Inito to be incredibly useful, a great time saver, and worth every penny.

So yes, the fertility journey can be extremely stressful and we know how important it is to bring the stress levels down. I have found Inito to be just one way to decrease stress by not having to track as many things every day and by getting a more accurate picture of what my hormones are doing on a daily basis. So whatever method or methods you are using and they can all be valuable at different times, do consider your stress level and how you can take some of the burden off your shoulders. Your body will thank you. 

Tell me what methods you are using to track your fertility.

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