TTC, but "shoulding" all over yourself?

Jul 15, 2015


When you start to prepare your body for a baby you may be faced with some diet and lifestyle changes.

Yes, there are many diet and lifestyle changes that can dramatically impact your ability to conceive.  This information comes as a shock to many people.  We’ve all been told what to eat and what to avoid once we are PREGNANT, but very few of us know there are foods to AVOID and ADD when we are trying to get pregnant.

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Once you know what to do to get pregnant faster, you need to take action.

Knowledge without action is useless

Thing is – you may be too busy with work, navigating your doctor’s appointments or just plain old stressed out to make the changes.

Some of the changes such as drinking more water or adding a salad to your next meal, may be easy to start.

However, there could be some changes that you have been putting off such as, getting enough sleep, making time for exercise or scheduling in some “me” time.

Anytime you decide to start something new or outside your “comfort zone”, you may feel tempted start your sentence with I SHOULD.

It’s the “I should” plan out my meals, “I should” get to the gym, “I should” meditate.

These words are dis-empowering.  You and I both know that you will never take action on an “I should” goal.

“I should” sets the stage for:

procrastination and avoidance

The goal you should do, is not what you really want to do.

Time to get clear with your values.

Does the “I should” goal make sense for you?

Do you even want to do it?

Are you picking this goal out of fear or love?

Are you afraid that if you don’t meditate that your anxiety will skyrocket, or do you want to meditate because you love how peaceful you will feel.

If your “I should” goal truly resonates with you, great it’s time to re-frame it.  Start with “I could” or “I want to” or “I choose to”.

When you find yourself  “shoulding” bring awareness to your thoughts. It’s the first step to breaking the habit!

What is one goal that you could choose to re-frame or simply let go?

I want to hear from you.  What are some goals that are on your SHOULD list?  I can help you re-frame them.

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