Saving for IVF? You may be surprised by this

Jul 16, 2015


I know, it sucks that you have to endure injections, countless visits to doctors and specialists and spend thousands of money, while other women just have sex once and BOOM they’re pregnant.

It’s not fair.

It may feel like your body has failed you.  To add to the stress of going through infertility you have the financial worry.  You may be able to afford the treatment, or maybe you have borrowed money from family, or maybe you have even tried a GOFUND me campaign.

Bottom line is you are investing A LOT of money to try to have a baby.  Some of the statistics can be downright scary.  With the average IVF cycle costing anywhere between $ 10,000 – 14,000.

According to Resolve, The National Infertility Association, “Many patients think that an excellent IVF success rate is 80% or above, and that anything below 50% is poor. Well, did you know that even a young and fertile couple has just a 15-20% chance to conceive naturally in any one month? Women with top chances of IVF success have per-cycle success rates of 40% or higher, while the majority of women have per-cycle success rates of 20-35%. Having this perspective may help you think about trying more than one cycle, and feel less discouraged if the first one doesn’t work”.

Those statistics can be discouraging, when such a huge investment is made, that may or may not result in a baby.

You may be surprised by what I’m about to tell you.

Randine Lewis, says in The Infertility Cure (a best selling book on Infertility), the average success rate of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) at one clinic near her is 60% (yes – that’s still above the average).

However for patients that she sends there, the success rate reaches 90%. Her program contains diet and lifestyle suggestions similar to those outlined in my Fabulously Fertile Couples Coaching Program and she also employs the techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These include, but are not limited to herbs, acupuncture and lifestyle changes.

Yes, making diet and lifestyle changes may send you into a tailspin and add more stuff on your already packed to do list.

BUT, what if it could make all the difference?  What if it increased your chances of success?

If you were like me when I was going through infertility, I became obsessed with having a baby.  I desperately wanted to know what it felt like to be pregnant.  I wanted to experience the morning sickness and especially the feeling of a new life growing inside of me.  I wanted see what my baby would look like, I wanted to gaze into his or her sweet little face, smell the fresh newborn baby smell and experience the unconditional love that everyone talks about.

I didn’t know that there was anything I could do to increase my chances of success.  I don’t want you to struggle like I did. 

What if you could learn to take back your power and TAKE ACTION?

Not sure where to turn to get started?  I’ve got you covered.

I’ll show you the exact the steps to take that are specific to your infertility diagnosis.  You can Download a FREE Chapter of Fabulously Fertile.

Need my help?  Learn more about Functional Medicine and how it can help you conceive.  I’ll break it down for you here.

Let me know what you are struggling with?  What is one take away you had from this article?

Sarah Clark empowers couples to discover how lifestyle and diet can dramatically impact their chances of conceiving.  She was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at 28 and had both her kids with donor eggs.  Not until years later did she discover that the root cause of her infertility was a food intolerance.  Ready to gaze into your baby’s eyes….but struggling.  Download 10 step Checklist here