Are you doing this 1 TIP to get pregnant?

Sep 18, 2015


I had the pleasure of seeing Tony Robbins this week in Toronto.

First of all the man lights up the room.  He is absolutely on fire!

When you see pictures of his audiences they all seem to be jumping up and down and having the best time of their lives.

I went to see him to get inspired and for once didn’t really have a plan or major expectations.

You may be wondering how all this is related to having a baby.  Hang on it does!

When you want to achieve something (in this case have a baby) you have to become obsessed about it.  Not in a crazy way though:)

You need to dream about it , desire it and really feel it happening.

Next you need to take massive action.

When something doesn’t work you need to pivot and change your approach.

Next you need to surround yourself with people who have gone through what you have and have been successful.

If you’ve been back and forth at the fertility clinic, time to consider the natural approach to fertility.  If you have been focusing all on your diet and not the emotional aspect, time to talk to a coach or a trusted friend.  If you have been focusing all on natural therapies and have not considered western medicine, time to call a reproductive endocrinologist.

The point is to try something different.

Pivot to success.

Lastly, you need Grace – the more you acknowledge Grace or love in your life, the more it shows up.  This is the case with self love and self care too.  The more you bring awareness to it in your life, it starts to multiply.

The key is you have got to feel like the thing you are wishing for has already happened.

How do you do that?

You have to change the state of your body. 

That’s why at a Tony Robbins event you see everyone jumping up and down like crazy maniacs.

I was one of them!

Try this!

Sit down and think about holding your baby, looking into your baby’s eyes and smelling that newborn scent.  Really visualize how you will feel.  Take a few moments to let that sink in.

Next, get ready to take all that love, focus, commitment, everything you have to make a baby possible and harness that energy.  Soak it in. Let those thoughts permeate every part of your being.

For the next 1 minute I want you to jump up and down, pumping your fists, screaming in your loudest voice (you can hoot, holler, or just plain old scream).  Act like you already have the baby.  Believe it in every part of your body all the way to your soul.  Let the energy imprint the feeling into your body.

When you stop notice how your body feels.

Does it feel energized or tired?  Energy right!

Does it feel positive or negative?  Positive, yes!

Does it feel sad or happy?  Happy right!

That energy is the touchstone. 

When you feel doubtful, scared, confused, angry, sad or empty, know that you can tap into that energy again.

In an instant you can feel empowered, fulfilled, joyful and full of LOVE.

When you feel it in your body, your mind thinks that it has already happened.

None of this works though unless you become OBSESSED and take MASSIVE ACTION.

Surround yourself with people that lift you up, that bring you joy and support you.

What is one action step that you are going to take today?

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