From Clary Sage to Geranium: Are Oils Beneficial For Fertility??

Jan 29, 2016


Through the ages, essential oils have proven to be one of the best options when striving towards conception. Not only is essential oil 100% natural and one of the most potent versions of botanical treatment, but is also one of the easiest forms of medicine for the body to absorb.  Essential oils are generally extracted by a plant by either steam distillation or by cold pressing and are then used in many blends and used to treat many different ailments.

So, moving forward, you are most likely in search for the best essential oil to aid in your chances for conception. Listed below are multiple essential oils, found in many effective blends, that are very helpful in terms of conception and pregnancy.

Clary Sage: This oil is a very powerful in terms of aiding in conception. Not only does this particular oil aid in the reduction of monthly bloating, depression, anxiety, cramps, and hot flashes, but is widely known to normalize the endocrine system – balancing the hormones within the body. This is very important in terms of conception as proper hormonal balance is crucial to the fertilization of an egg and the development of a fetus. Clary Sage is also said to have anti-fungal, antispasmodic, sedative, and soothing attributes to its treatment. The oil is also effective in preparing the uterus for pregnancy; and because Clary Sage can be attained as and oil, its application can be very manageable as essential oils are often used topically and absorbed through the skin. Overall, Clary Sage proves to be a powerful herb and should not be dismissed when trying to conceive.

Sweet Fennel:  This special oil is undoubtedly an oil made for women, as it is often used to normalize the menstrual cycle (especially in the times where menstruation is painful). Because of the oil’s effect on menstruation, it is also often recommended during menopause to reduce symptoms relating to fluctuating hormone levels. Aside from its hormonal powers, Sweet Fennel oil also contains large quantities of anethole (a chemical believed to have estrogen-like properties). Fennel oil is often given to new mothers, because of its lactogenic and emmanagogic properties, to encourage lactation and to aid in the contraction of the uterus as it recovers from delivery.  Sweet Fennel undoubtedly has its place in the treatment for infertility.

Geranium: Geranium is arguably one of the most beneficial oils in terms of fertility. Similarly to Clary Sage, this herb is very effective in balancing hormone levels and in restoring the body of progesterone if it is deficient. Not only does this oil have tremendous effects on the endocrine system by stimulating the adrenal cortex, synthesizing and producing needed hormones, but is also known to better tone the uterus and prepare it to carry a baby to term.  Ultimately, Geranium proves to be a great addition to your herbal fertility cabinet and may be the key to your struggle for pregnancy.

Lavender: Being perhaps one of the most common essential oils on the market, it is often not considered for the purpose of fertility. However, this is merely a misconception as this particular oil can perform fertility miracles. One of the most important factors to a successful pregnancy is that of the mental state of the mother-to-be. Lavender, as many know, is a calming oil and has been used for centuries in the treatment of anxiety and in allowing the mind to reach a state of peace. This is very important in terms of pregnancy, as stress is not healthy for the mother or for the developing fetus. Lavender oil is a very versatile and gentle oil that is used in the treatment of many ailments, including that of infertility.

Rose: Considering that is oil is one of the most expensive on the market currently, this does pose a question as to how this oil is so powerful. This particular oil is known to regulate menstrual cycles, aid in treating PMS, and has been shown to drastically help infertility. Rose oil is similar to Clary Sage in the way that Rose oil is aphrodisiac, or increases sexual desire, and is used to aid in both male and female infertility. This herb increases male fertility by increasing sperm count and supporting the health of sperm. This is very important when it comes to trying for a baby. Another effect of this oil is the relaxation of the uterus and also in supporting the mental state of the mother-to-be, aiding in psychological aliments as well. As you can see, Rose oil is an all-around good oil in terms of fertility and can turn out to be very beneficial when it comes to trying to conceive.

In closing, I hope that this overview provided good information and that they help you in your pregnancy endeavors. These 5 oils are often found in fertility oil blends so don’t feel scared to experiment and see what fits you best! For the perfect blend or oil will most definitely make you one step closer to holding your baby in your arms.  Don’t you think? Maybe it’s time to put these ancient oils to the test.

Below I have included a simple recipe that just might have the power to make you pregnant!:

10 drops clary sage

10 drops sweet fennel

10 drops geranium

5 drops lavender

5 drops rose (optional)

Add this blend to a bottle with fractionated coconut oil (virgin coconut oil with fats removed so it doesn’t go rancid).  Fractionated coconut oil is an all natural carrier oil that readily absorbs into the skin making it and idea oil for topical therapies. Apply this blend to your abdomen everyday.

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