Pregnancy success after 3 failed IVF'S, miscarriages and DOR

May 25, 2023

Pregnancy success after 3 failed IVF'S, miscarriages and DOR

After 5 years of trying to conceive, 3 failed IVFs, 2 miscarriages and advice to move to donor eggs, Heather came to us saying she was feeling just ok. She has a 10 day luteal phase, excessive bleeding, dryness, felt exhausted and was navigating PMS. She had previously been on birth control for 10 years and navigated HPV.

Heather was 38 with a diminished ovarian reserve diagnosis. She and her partner, Peter knew it was time to look deeper at what may be causing not only their difficulty in getting pregnant but also what was causing her low energy, anxiety/irritability and body aches. She shared with us her energy was a 6 out of 10 but as we began digging deeper with her, we realized it was more than just that. 

Also, Peter was experiencing tension headaches, muscle stiffness and poor sleep. His semen analysis showed DNA fragmentation. They both had challenges we were eager to help eradicate. 

Heather and Peter followed the Fab Fertile Method which includes functional testing, blood chemistry review, and targeted personalized lifestyle changes that are designed to enhance reproductive health and prepare for pregnancy success. 

Through a deep dive into their health history, our team quickly discovered that Heather had taken antibiotics countless times as a child and although she was having regular bowel movements, they were floating. She had a stuffy nose, sinusitis, sores in her mouth, post nasal drip, bleeding gums, bloating and psoriasis. All of this was leading her to be stuck in fight or flight. She was anxious, irritable, angry and tense. Which, who wouldn’t be with all these symptoms. Heather’s body was struggling even more than she was able to notice. 

First, Heather and Peter immediately dove into their diet, aiming to reduce inflammation as quickly as possible. We encouraged them to avoid naked carbs and juices and instead to favor non-starchy vegetables to help with their insulin resistance and stress. They also began increasing their protein intake which was critically low. Focusing on an adequate water intake and lowering inflammation were critical. Based on their testing, our team recommended a gluten and dairy free diet. They also began using castor oil packs to support healthy detox. 

After receiving the results of Heather’s gut test, both her and Peter went through an H.pylori protocol and started on the personalized diet to heal their guts. They not only began to feel better, but together they eradicated elevated glucose and insulin, H.pylori, nutrient deficiencies, dehydration, weak adrenals and the overall impact of stress on their bodies. 

These two truly dedicated themselves to healing. When their bodies were ready, they decided to give IVF one more chance and we are happy to share that it was successful right away with only one round!

Do you see yourself in Heather and Peter’s story? If so, let’s connect and talk more about how the Fab Fertile Program could help you and your partner achieve pregnancy success! Book your free 15 minute call here.