Pregnant with Endo at 41 after multiple failed egg retrievals

Aug 08, 2023

Pregnant with Endo at 41 after multiple failed egg retrievals

Battling a multitude of health challenges that seemed insurmountable at first, Catherine's journey to her healthy baby boy felt near impossible for her and her husband. 

When Catherine first came to Fab Fertile, she had experienced numerous egg retrievals that resulted in "terrible egg quality". She wanted to focus on her health so she could have a successful IVF retrieval and transfer.

She carried the weight of numerous health issues that had been impacting her life for far too long. Hormone imbalance and estrogen dominance had left her with prolonged and heavy periods. She had undergone surgeries to remove fibroids and ovarian cysts, only to discover the presence of endometriosis further complicating her health and fertility. 

Anemia from blood loss added to her struggles, leaving her feeling weak and fatigued.

But that was not the end of Catherine's ordeal. She also battled blood sugar imbalances, experiencing hypoglycemic episodes and feeling shaky between meals. Her thyroid was out of balance, causing her to endure cold sensitivity, dry skin, and ridged nails. Immune system imbalances manifested in allergies, watery eyes, and persistent post-nasal drip. Additionally, her autonomic nervous system was affected, leading to sensitivity to loud noises, fearfulness, and challenges with thinking and memory.

As if these challenges weren't enough, Catherine also suffered from gut dysfunction, plagued by constipation, bloating, and gas since childhood. Her bowel movements were irregular, causing discomfort, and she relied on suppositories due to their infrequency and consistency issues.

For Catherine, this was not the life she had envisioned. She had dreams, ambitions, and aspirations of becoming a mother. Deep within her, there was an unyielding spirit, a desire for change, and the will to reclaim her health and her life. And she did just that.

As Catherine began her journey with our team, we initiated a comprehensive approach to address her health challenges through functional lab testing and mindset work. Recognizing the importance of a well-rounded healing plan, we introduced her to a series of customized targeted recommendations that would prove to be the building blocks of her fertility success.

One of the very first steps was implementing apple cider vinegar before meals to aid in digestion and support her blood sugar levels. We also knew that addressing dehydration was a top priority. Ensuring she consumed adequate water throughout the day became paramount, with the goal of drinking 50-75% of her body weight in ounces of water daily.

Understanding the significance of restorative sleep, we emphasized the importance of adjusting her sleep schedule and making it consistent. Aimed at promoting optimal healing and rejuvenation, Catherine was encouraged to get 8-9.5 hours of sleep, ideally before 10:30 am.

As her test results started to return, we were ready to make her gut health a top priority. Through functional stool testing, H.Pylori was found present as well as deep gut infections. To further support her, she was introduced to the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet for 30 days to help identify and eliminate potential food triggers that could be contributing to her health challenges. We supported Catherine with specific gut healing supplements and urged her to avoid consuming any food that she knew caused her body distress (including ones that came back with testing), empowering her to make conscious and informed choices about her nutrition. 

To maintain stable blood sugar levels and adapt her body to rely on fats and proteins for sustained energy, we advised her to eat more frequent, balanced meals and keep healthy snacks on hand at all times. This approach aimed to reduce blood sugar spikes and support her energy levels throughout the day.

All of these changes, both big and small, made massive impacts on all her symptoms - causing a domino effect of healing. 

As Catherine embraced the personalized recommendations presented to her by her care team, we witnessed remarkable progress in her journey. Although, let’s note that healing wasn’t linear. She did not wake up one day with all her ailments. They had compiled and compounded over time and her healthy journey took time, patience and determination - all of which she healed on to. 

With each step, she moved closer to achieving pregnancy success and achieving the vibrant life she had long envisioned. Her next IVF retreval produced great quualit eggs and she had a successful IVF transfer. Catherine and her husband are now happy parents of a baby boy and we couldn’t be more excited for them all!

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