Pregnancy Success Story: Low AMH/High FSH and Low Sperm Motility

May 02, 2024

Pregnancy Success Story: Low AMH/High FSH and Low Sperm Motility

Meet Andrea and Mark, a couple who embarked on a transformative journey with our couples fertility coaching program. Their story is a testament to the power of merging functional medicine with mindful fertility coaching, addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of their fertility challenges.


Andrea faced multiple health issues, including high FSH, low AMH, anxiety, depression, constipation, acne, and a family history of mental health concerns. Mark had low sperm motility, and they were advised to consider IVF/IUI. The couple was under immense stress and anxiety related to infertility, adding an extra layer to their already complex situation.

Discovering Missed Healing Opportunities:

Upon starting our program, we identified various imbalances, including missed healing opportunities related to their gut, hormones, immune systems, minerals, circadian rhythm, thyroid, adrenals, emotions, detox pathways, and autonomic nervous system. Tests revealed Giardia, H.pylori, leaky gut, thyroid imbalances, low Vitamin D, chronic inflammation, low B12, and several food sensitivities.

Starting the Healing Journey:

Andrea and Mark committed themselves to their personalized protocol, addressing each imbalance systematically. They embraced dietary changes, supplements, and lifestyle modifications tailored to their unique needs. They quickly started to notice changes. Andrea’s mood and sleep improved, they started finding time for my joy and spontaneity. They showed up to their fertility coaching sessions 100% ready to give it their all. Andrea's gut issues improved, and her hormonal imbalances began to shift. Mark's sperm motility doubled!! His overall sperm quality showed significant improvement.

Ultimate Result:

After just six months in our program, Andrea and Mark experienced remarkable changes. Mark's sperm motility percentage doubled, and sperm concentration increased. Both reported improved sleep, reduced stress, and even secured new jobs that brought them joy. They began to truly live their life unpaused and started to truly believe that their child was on their way. They began being intimate again for love and not just baby making and began really reclaiming their lives. 

And the most exciting news? Andrea and Mark got pregnant!

Their success not only defied the initial prognosis but showcased the profound impact of addressing both physical and emotional aspects of fertility. Andrea and Mark's journey is a beacon of hope for couples navigating fertility challenges, demonstrating that a holistic approach can lead to the ultimate dream – parenthood.

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