Pregnant Naturally At 43: With low AMH and High FSH and Recurrent Miscarriage

May 09, 2024

Pregnant Naturally At 43: With low AMH and High FSH and Recurrent Miscarriage

In the journey to motherhood, every step holds its own story. For Valerie, the path was filled with unexpected twists and heartbreaking setbacks. But through perseverance, support, and unwavering determination, she found her way to a place of hope, healing, and ultimately, joyous anticipation. This is her story. 

Valerie's journey began amidst a storm of fertility challenges. Elevated FSH levels, thyroid dysfunction, and ovulatory irregularities cast shadows over her dreams of motherhood. Despite enduring two miscarriages and facing an intramural fibroid, Valerie remained resilient. Her resolve to become a mother only grew stronger with each setback.

Functional Testing and Results

Determined to uncover the root causes of her fertility struggles, Valerie worked with ther Fab Fertile team to complete comprehensive functional testing. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) revealed hormonal imbalances, guiding targeted interventions for fertility optimization. Meanwhile, blood chemistry tests offered insights into glucose levels, thyroid function, and iron markers, informing tailored interventions to address specific imbalances.

Valerie's partner underwent semen analysis, providing crucial insights into sperm count, motility, and morphology. Together, they approached conception as a team, addressing potential fertility factors collaboratively.

Food sensitivity and gut health tests unveiled dietary triggers and gut disturbances, guiding Valerie towards a fertility-friendly diet and gut healing protocols. Assessments of her vaginal microbiome empowered her to optimize vaginal health for conception and pregnancy.

Valerie's GI Map gut test revealed deeper insights into her gut health, uncovering imbalances in microbial balance and potential infections. Armed with this knowledge, she took proactive steps to address these issues, laying the foundation for improved overall health and fertility.

All of this information armed our team with direction and we were able to work with Valerie and her partner to create personalized care plans to address each missed healing opportunity.

Cultivating Wellness: Lifestyle Changes and True Self-Care Rituals

Central to Valerie's journey was a commitment to nurturing her body and mind. Embracing a gluten and dairy-free diet, prioritizing whole, nutrient-rich foods, and incorporating regular exercise and stress-reducing techniques became paramount. Through mindfulness practices, Valerie learned to cultivate inner peace and resilience, fortifying herself for the challenges ahead.

Empowering Transformation: Supplements for Optimal Fertility

Personalized supplementation played a crucial role in Valerie's journey, providing targeted support for her unique fertility needs. From hormonal balance to thyroid support and gut health, each supplement was carefully chosen to optimize her chances of conception. With the guidance of her team, Valerie embraced these supplements as powerful tools on her path to motherhood.

Embracing the Future: A Journey of Hope and Joy

Now, at 20 weeks pregnant, Valerie's joy knows no bounds. After years of uncertainty and heartache, she stands on the brink of a new chapter filled with hope and anticipation. As she prepares to welcome her baby into the world, Valerie remains grateful for every twist and turn that brought her to this moment of pure, unbridled joy.

Valerie's journey to motherhood is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and unwavering hope. Through the challenges and setbacks, she found strength in the support of her team and the depths of her own courage. As she looks ahead to the future, Valerie embraces each day with gratitude and excitement, knowing that her path to joyful motherhood has only just begun.

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