Success Story: Repeat Miscarriage, Stage 4 Endometriosis, One Ovary And One Tube

Feb 10, 2023

Success Story: Repeat Miscarriage, Stage 4 Endometriosis, One Ovary And One Tube

This couple, both in their thirties came to us after experiencing repetitive loss. After multiple miscarriages, three rounds of IVF and a stage 4 Endometriosis diagnosis, they believed in their hearts that  there was another way. Let’s call them Amy and Cameron. 


Amy had a history of trauma, experienced difficulty sleeping due to anxious thoughts and was overcome with headaches and body aches. One of her ovaries and tubes had been removed during surgery 5 years before coming to see us.


Cameron was relatively a happy guy but was plagued with exhaustion often with a busy work schedule at a high demanding job. This led to overeating, poor sleep and food choices he wished he could have avoided. 


Immediately we discussed three major changes with Amy and Cameron. Stress, Sleep and Diet were keeping them from growing their family. These three areas were in a vicious cycle of feeding one another. Their constant state of stress and anxiety were resulting in inflammation and blood sugar imbalances which led to difficulty sleeping, which made healthier food choices more difficult. 


After functional testing was complete, we learned that Amy was highly sensitive to gluten, dairy and bananas and both her and Camera had H.Pylori. They immediately began addressing their diet, one sustainable step at a time. They added in the supplements from their custom protocols and began to notice improvements quickly. 


However, sometimes things we have been doing one way for most of our life are hard habits to kick. They started to return to their old way of eating, the Standard American Diet including easy foods that are highly processed and sugary drinks like soda. Amy told us there was no way she could deny the constipation and gas she experienced from these foods and we supported her with resources to move towards adding more whole foods to her diet. We focused on progress over perfection and took it one step at a time.


As they both continued to see improvements, they opened their eyes even wider to the holistic approach. Per our recommendations to reduce her stress, Amy started seeing a chiropractor. Her body was so pleased with this addition, making other changes easier to add. 


Over the following months, Amy and Cameron continued to improve their diet, take their supplements, explore new grocery stores and prioritize their sleep and self care. They set boundaries with family and work. Amy started taking walks daily and listening to sound baths to ease her anxious thoughts. 


We were thrilled when Amy told us they had a positive pregnancy test and even happier as their pregnancy surpassed 6 weeks, where they lost previous pregnancies. They then passed the 12 week mark and were finally excited to share their pregnancy with their loved ones! 


The loudest lesson for this couple was the impact stress was having on their bodies and which little lifestyle changes along with intentional supplementation could let their bodies relax, recover and ultimately create new life! 

Amy is just one of the stories we are thrilled to share with you. If you are experiencing challenges getting pregnant, have been diagnosed with low AMH/high FSH, Endo, POI or DOR we highly encourage you to learn more about our Fab Fertile Method.  Ask to join our get pregnant naturally with low AMH/high FSH facebook group here.