Success Story: One Ovary, DOR, Endometriosis, Low AMH and High FSH

Jan 04, 2023

Success Story: One Ovary, DOR, Endometriosis, Low AMH and High FSH

It is time to share a success story with you. Let’s call her Diana (real name protected for privacy). Diana came to Fab Fertile with secondary infertility primarily on intuition, she told us. She knew there was something that could be done before doing another round of IVF. 

As we began our work together, we learned she was experiencing quite a lot, yet we believed a few tweaks could help her dramatically. She had been diagnosed with Low AMH, High FSH, Endometriosis, Diminished Ovarian Reserve and was experiencing digestive issues, adrenal insufficiency, hypochlorida (low stomach acid), hormone and blood sugar imbalances, stress and fear around having just one remaining ovary. Not to mention she was the mom of a toddler.

From our perspective, Diana was a case of a well fed yet under-nourished body experiencing multiple lifestyle, environmental and biological stressors. Right away we got to work and she quickly experienced wins! She told us “I've been making more time for myself in the morning with meditation and stretching”. She was drinking more water, adjusting her diet to her body's needs and was able to calmly discuss the areas she was struggling with, like getting enough movement in. 

Shortly after Diana learned she had a new cyst on her remaining ovary. Her Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) wanted to rush into another round of IVF but Diana wanted to give it a moment. As she got her functional test results back with us, she began her protocol alongside adjusting her lifestyle changes and quickly began to notice even more improvements. 

However, Diana’s cyst continued to be monitored and was still a concern. It was causing her stress, fear and honestly a bit of panic. We discussed all her options with her, reminding Diana that Fab Fertile was always on her side and would support whatever decision she made.  She decided to start pursuing another round of IVF but not let go of all the work that she was doing to address the underlying causes of her symptoms. So we continued her Fab Fertile protocol until it was time to get her round started. 

Diana was doing incredible work on mindset, building a bank of nutrients in her cells, improving her digestion, adrenal health and everything else. She started believing her body was capable and that it was healing. She was doing incredible with her supplements and taking her basal temperature. She was noticing her relationship with food and desire to move and created attainable goals with her fertility coach while also addressing her anxiety and stress. Our team was able to help her understand from a biological level the impact stress was having on her body and how it would be difficult to conceive unless she prioritized filling her cup and practicing more resilience building self care activities. She started practicing yoga and meditated consistently while also drinking lemon water in the morning. 

Sure enough, we got the message. When Diana went in for the appointment at her REs office to start the round of IVF, she was pregnant! She had helped her body heal from so many angles that it felt safe and ready to conceive!

Diana is just one of the stories we are thrilled to share with you. If you are experiencing challenges getting pregnant, have been diagnosed with POI, POF or DOR, have low AMH/high FSH, we highly encourage you to learn more about our Fab Fertile Method and explore our free offerings