Fertility Yoga 101

Aug 24, 2018

Fertility Yoga 101
We’re digging fertility yoga 101 and how yoga can help you prepare your body for a baby. Excited to welcome Amanda Stevenson back to the podcast today! Definitely check out episode #3 Slowing Down With Fertility Yoga. Amanda is part of the Fab Fertile team. In our Online Mindfulness Fertility Series Amanda leads participants through an interactive fertility yoga class. For specific fertility poses to do in the morning and evening check out our AM and PM Fertility Yoga video. Plus our new 6-week Fertility Yoga Video series that gives you the exact poses to do before your cycle and after your cycle and poses that will prepare your body for a baby. Amanda Stevenson is a certified yoga instructor (CYT-200). She specializes in yoga for women's health including prenatal, restorative/yin and fertility. So many of the women that I coach are Type A's. They research, they push, they change their diet, they take all their supplements...but sometimes they struggle to slow down. Yep...this is my struggle too! Because I'm such an action taker...sometimes I take too much action...and forget I don't need to continually add more stuff on my to-do list. After all we are human beings....not human doings. That's why I love fertility yoga. (I do many of these poses too...every morning!). And no...this is not the type of yoga that includes multiple power flows...where you sweat it out! Or sweating it out in a hot room! Nope not recommended for fertility. It includes slow poses. You may even feel the poses are TOO slow. I know I get it...but that's where the magic is! Slowing down...so you can move forward with intention. On this podcast you'll learn:
  • The importance of heart opener poses for fertility. Plus how these poses help with symptoms of stress, depression and menstrual pain.
  • We walk you through how to do suspension/retention breath which helps to tap into the relaxation response. It is also very effective if you are struggling with anxiety or depression.
  • The importance of taking time for yourself daily. Plus you'll learn exactly how to do belly breathing...we'll take you through a demo.
  • You'll learn which poses release emotions and why this is important for fertility.
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