How To Make A Decision So You Can Fast Track Pregnancy Success

Dec 13, 2021

How To Make A Decision So You Can Fast Track Pregnancy Success

Today we’re digging into how to make a decision so you can improve your chances of pregnancy success.

I've had lots of calls with people recently who tell me they want to have a baby. And for whatever reason - they walk away.

They don't take action.

They decide they will put it off and do it later.

Please know I don't care whether you buy from me - or from someone else.

But the reality is....unless a decision is made to move forward...we keep researching, we stay in limbo, and guess what?

Nothing happens!

But let me tell you about the people who do move forward and are ready to take ACTION and how QUICKLY things start to change.

I've had clients who book an initial call with me...and we develop a customized plan.

This episode is for you:

  1. You’re spending hours every week researching but you are overwhelmed and not sure where to start to improve your chances of pregnancy success.
  2. You’ve already made a lot of changes so you’re feeling like IVF is your next best option.
  3. You’ve had failed IVF and/or tried to get pregnant for 2 years so you want to speed up your chances of pregnancy success

In this episode you'll learn:

  1. How to avoid over researching and feeling unsure of your next steps when you are dealing with a low AMH, high FSH, premature ovarian insufficiency, or diminished ovarian reserve diagnosis.
  2. How to know what is the right type of action for your specific situation so you can fast track pregnancy success
  3. How to make a decision that is right for you and your partner that improves your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Book your Supercharge Your Fertility Discovery call here with your partner. During our call, we’ll be discussing what you have tried so far and where you’ve faced challenges. This can feel stressful but is designed to help us get to the root cause of your fertility issues and will help me to give you the best possible action plan at the end of the call. However, to reassure you – on this call we won’t be digging into the trauma associated with infertility/miscarriage/loss – rather we are focused on solutions and an ACTION PLAN as to how our Fab Fertile Method can help you get pregnant naturally.




  • "Unless you make a decision and decide to move forward you will keep researching."
  • How the obsession with research can keep you stuck
  • The typical couple we work with and the problems that they face
  • “Until you make a decision to move forward you stay in limbo.”


  • The process we do with our clients and what to expect
  • Sarah's personal story and missed healing opportunities: "There is hope."
  • Addressing food sensitivities, gut infections, chronic stress, etc
  • What we are looking for in the tests we conduct
  • How we tailor and personalize our approach for you
  • Actions plans, protocols, and supplements in our program
  • "It's empowering to understand your health and what is right for your body."
  • Why generalized recommendations can cause heartache and financial stress
  • Themes we see with the couples that we work with
  • What the doctor on our team does, and the team meetings we conduct for your case
  • "The foundation of this approach is to ask what has been missed."
  • "We have got to dig deeper."
  • What you will gain even after 4-6 weeks working with us
  • Get to the bottom of why you have been struggling
  • "If you were at optimal health you would be pregnant." (There are healing opportunities)
  • Other issues (trauma/stress) that could be affecting your fertility
  • Do we address male factor infertility?
  • "It is extremely important to look at both partners."


  • How do you know this program is right for you? Who are these calls for?


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