How to Use Essential Oils During Infertility

Mar 04, 2019

How to Use Essential Oils During Infertility
I'm excited to welcome Stephanie Risinger to the podcast. We’re digging into essential oils and how they can be helpful during infertility. Stephanie Risinger is a Marriage and Family Therapist in Kansas City, a fertility podcaster, and an essential oils educator. Stephanie and her husband faced a 9 year journey before finally conceiving, and carrying to term, their daughter, Willow. Stephanie has made it her mission to educate women on the myriad of choices they have when it come to optimizing fertility, as well as helping them navigate the emotional challenges they experience along the way. Essential oils are an "essential" part of your health and wellness toolkit. Don't get me wrong...you still have to eliminate your toxic load, get honest about your mental/emotional stressors and if you have a food sensitivity or gut infection (such as a parasite)....we have to dig deeper However, essential oils can provide support along our journey to wellness and preparing our baby in the absolute BEST way for a baby! I have a diffuser in my bedroom - my favourite is ylang ylang (great for lifting mood and fighting inflammation) and one in my office - wild orange (it promotes feelings of happiness) is diffusing right now!
In this episode you'll learn:
1) How essential oils can help with fertility. Check out my blog about a blend that you can rub on your abdomen
2) Which essential oils can help with stress, anxiety and mood.
3) Getting a good sleep is a foundational pillar of good health and fertility. We work on sleep hygiene with our 1:1 clients for months. We discuss which essential oils can promote a restful sleep.
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