Should You Go Gluten Free?

Aug 23, 2018

Should You Go Gluten Free?
Today I’m welcoming Tara McCann to the podcast. We’re digging into gluten and the impact on your fertility. I recently connected with Tara. I love Tara’s approach to the fertility journey. Plus she attended the same health coaching school as me! Institute for Integrative Nutrition. So she takes a holistic approach to health and fertility. Tara McCann is a women’s health coach specializing in preconception health and fertility. Tara struggled for over 2 years to get pregnant with her first child. All through that journey, Tara learned to trust her body’s intuition, nourish herself with food and speak up for what she knew her body needed. After having her children, Tara found health coaching, and immediately knew this was the support she had needed on her fertility journey. She was so inspired, that she became a health coach herself in 2014 when she graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Tara has been empowering women to learn to nourish themselves and optimize their health for fertility ever since. To learn more about Tara, visit her website, taramccannwellness.com I get so many questions about gluten as it relates to fertility! Many of you know that I am gluten free. And no I am not celiac, but I do have non celiac gluten sensitivity. If you have been pondering a gluten free diet, this podcast episode is for you! On this podcast you'll learn:
  • What exactly is gluten? Is it a fad or could it really help?
  • Do you need to go gluten free to improve your fertility? Does gluten-light work?
  • Since the wheat crop is a highly sprayed crop what impact does this have on your fertility?
  • What to do if I have eliminated gluten and I am still not seeing results. What should I do next?
Tara is offering a recipe book of her top 10 fertility foods. Download it here! Book your free Supercharge Your Fertility Discovery call. We’ll come up with a simple plan to help you move forward…towards your dream of having your baby. Listen here (be sure to HIT the subscribe button so you never miss an episode):