Why EFT Can Help With Miscarriage and Trauma

Oct 24, 2018

Why EFT Can Help With Miscarriage and Trauma

Today I’m welcoming Diana Rickman to the podcast!

We’re digging into EFT and how it can help with miscarriage and traumatic birth.

Diana Rickman is a coach and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner specializing in helping women and their partners who have experienced an early miscarriage or difficult birth to change how they feel about their painful memories and the way that their story affects them now so they can think about what happened calmly, grieve fully and feel ready to move on and create a new story.

Diana is in a unique position to help because she experienced both the loss of her first baby at 25 weeks and her second pregnancy ended in the difficult, emergency delivery of her son. Her experiences left her shocked and unable to express how she felt. She carried feelings of guilt, anger and sadness for a long time and they influenced her thinking and the way she felt about herself.

Thankfully she found a technique she could rely on to support her and a coach who gently and expertly helped her to understand and release her feelings safely and without overwhelm. Now she shares that technique so her clients can experience the same sense of relief and freedom from loss and hurt. Visit her website here.

You may have heard of Emotional Freedom Technique...also known as Tapping

It's a combination of ancient Chinese Acupuncture and psychology. It consists of tapping on specific meridian points in the body while talking about traumatic memories and emotions.

We include an Emotional Freedom Technique session in our 1:1 Couples Coaching Program. As you may know in Functional Medicine we believe in healing the mind...body...and spirit....as we focus on preconception health.

When we feel the feelings...we can then begin the healing process

On this podcast you'll learn:

  • How tapping can help emotional blockages. This can be especially beneficial while we are trying to conceive.
  • Post traumatic stress with miscarriage, traumatic birth and heartache associated with infertility...you'll find some ease and release as you experience a tapping session firsthand.
  • Why it's important to honour emotional wounds. Many of us want to push these emotions away...you'll learn steps to help bring them to the surface to allow the healing to begin.

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