How And Why To Do An Elimination Diet

Aug 23, 2018

How And Why To Do An Elimination Diet
Today I’m welcoming Brandy Buskow to the podcast. We’re digging into why an elimination diet is essential when trying to conceive. Check out episode #6 for a functional medicine 101 talk plus a look at some of the tools we use to help couples conceive. Brandy is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Certified Transformational Health Coach and EFT Practitioner. She loves supporting women so they can learn how functional medicine addresses the underlying cause of disease or illness. This is one of my favourite topics! The elimination diet! This is the first place we start with our 1:1 Couples Coaching clients. I would like you to ponder this question: Is your infertility a SYMPTOM of something else going on in your body? On this podcast you'll learn:
  • What is a leaky gut and what is the link to infertility
  • Learn which specific health complaints could be linked to your infertility. It's not what you think!
  • Discover that exact foods to eat and which ones to avoid. This is a short term diet - not long term
  • Why gluten-light and dairy-light do not work and how to 100% commit (remember it's short term).
This episode will show you the steps to complete the elimination diet. It is all laid out for you! Take some time to listen. If you're a busy person (aren't we all) the Fertility Preparation Program will guide you step by step through elimination diet (packed with chef prepared recipes - you won't starve) and bonuses too! Plus we're offering a 30% discount for a limited time. Check it out here! Book your free Supercharge Your Fertility Discovery call. We’ll come up with a simple plan to help you move forward…towards your dream of having your baby. Listen here (be sure to HIT the subscribe button so you never miss an episode):