What Is Seed Cycling?

Aug 23, 2018

What Is Seed Cycling?
Today I’m welcoming Lane Harrison to the podcast. We’re digging into seed cycling and how it can help to balance your hormones. I recently connected with Lane. I love her natural approach to fertility. Lane has been a body worker since 2002 and she absolutely loves the message that the body can hold for us. Several years ago she found and married the man she never even knew to dream for. She really struck gold with this one. However, building a family did not come easy for her. After years of trying, then doctoring, then trying some more she finally welcomed home our son. His birthday was also a sort of birth of my own. Becoming a mother awakened her to so much. Including her soul purpose to help others who have struggled with their reproductive health as she did. Research and studying led her to Merciér Therapy. A hands on modality to manipulate the uterus and the ovaries. It helps to increase blood flow, soften adhesion's, and can correct mal-positions of the reproductive viscera. More studies and courses led her to the path of holistic coaching/personal coaching/fertility coaching. She is a happy wife, involved mom, and doing her dream 'job'. Visit website at www.harrisontherapeutics.com
Lately everywhere I turn I've been hearing about seed cycling! Excited to have an expert share exactly what it is, how EASY it is and how it can help you right now!
On this podcast you'll learn:
  • Who can benefit from seed cycling? If you are struggling with PMS symptoms, menstrual cramps, acne, short luteal phases, anovulation and irregular cycles listen in!
  • Learn how seed cycling naturally rebalances hormones
  • Discover how seed cycling works. It's really quite EASY!
  • How to prepare the seeds and which seeds to use!
Lane is offering 20 Discovery Call grab yours here! Book your free Supercharge Your Fertility Discovery call. We’ll come up with a simple plan to help you move forward…towards your dream of having your baby. Listen here (be sure to HIT the subscribe button so you never miss an episode):