How To Navigate The Financial Impact of the Fertility Journey

Aug 12, 2019

How To Navigate The Financial Impact of the Fertility Journey

I'm excited to welcome Devon Baeza to the podcast.

We're digging into how to navigate the financial impact of the fertility journey.

Devon Baeza is The Fertility Finance Coach. She combines her degree in finance, years of fertility treatments, and master life coach training to help women make, save, and manifest money to fund their future family FAST. Visit her website. www.devonbaeza.com

The average IVF takes 3 cycles at a cost of $ 60,000 USD.

And while the functional approach is WAY less expense...there is still an investment... $ 4,500 USD for our most popular program.

This can seem unfair!

Why do we need to pay all this money, plus the cost of raising a child?

I know firsthand how money plays a huge role in the fertility journey...as you may know I had both my kids with donor eggs.

This journey can be even harder when you are not on the same page as your partner...with the finances.

Learn how we can save, budget and manifest the money we need here.

In this episode you'll learn:

1) How the financial strain can impact the relationship with your partner and what to do about it! What to do when you and your partner have conflicting points of view on money.

2) The different ways to raise money: crowd funding, insurance, gifts/loans, credit cards and payment plans

3) How fear and lack of money can inpact your ability to get pregnant.

4) How to manifest money! We talk about your money mindset and how to reframe and shift prespective. Plus how to save and budget - yes it is possible!

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