How Meditation Can Help With The Pain Of Infertility

Aug 19, 2019

How Meditation Can Help With The Pain Of Infertility

I'm excited to welcome Sah D'Simone to the podcast.

We're digging into meditation and how to become present during the fertility journey.

Sah D’Simone is a meditation teacher, international bestselling author, transformational speaker and coach. His book, 5-Minute Daily Meditations, has been translated into Spanish, Chinese, and Dutch. Born in Brazil, Sah came to the U.S. at the age of 16, working for over a decade in the fashion industry, becoming the co-founder and creative director of Bullett Magazine. Despite his immense success, the high stakes culture of the fashion industry led Sah down a path of addiction and depression, eventually opening the doorway to a different way of life. In 2012, he walked away from his career in fashion and began an intensive search for health and well-being, traveling to Nepal, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Europe to study with some of the most prolific masters of our time.

After immersing himself in practice for several years, Sah returned to the states, dedicating his life to helping others to live in alignment and achieve their highest potential. Sah has masterfully synthesized the ancient techniques of meditation, contemplative psychotherapy, breath work, and plant based nutrition for a modern and accessible approach to well-being. His infectious enthusiasm for healing and self-love has built a devoted fan base. Sah has worked with clients like Kanye West, Google, MoMa, American Express, Cannes Lion, the United Nations, New Balance, Bloomingdales, and Havas. Sah also shares his mission with underserved communities, advocating for mental health and well-being in the LGBTIQ and POC communities. Visit his website at: http://sahdsimone.com

We've all heard about it...meditation.

It's the gateway to well...everything.

I was coaching clients for years and telling them to meditate, but I struggled to do it consistently myself!

That changed almost two years ago - Jan 2018. I went to a retreat, bought myself a cute meditation cushion and committed.

To say it's been life changing...sounds so cliche, however it's true!

Especially when you're dealing with pain and trauma associated with infertility...meditation can be a gateway to making other changes in your life...that help to improve your preconception health.

Now the hard part!

How do we get started? Let's dig in!

In this episode you'll learn:

1) How can meditation change your life? Yes we're going here...our guest has experienced trasformational change (and so have I) with meditation! And yep - we're also talking about gut health and the role diet plays in the food mood connection.

2) How meditation can help when we are struggling or experiencing trauma or pain. Ignoring the pain...only prolongs the suffereing.

3) We talk about forgivenss and a forgiveness ritual you can implement. So important so you can release negative feelings.

4) Plus EASY steps for beginners that you can use right now. From breathing techniques to apps and favourite props!

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