Mineral Levels and Fertility

Jan 14, 2019

Mineral Levels and Fertility
Today I’m welcoming Kendra Perry to the podcast! We’re digging into what mineral levels mean for your fertility. Kendra Perry is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist who helps women break-free from Hormonal Hell so they can stop being a slave to PMS, weight gain and unpredictable mood swings. She helps women balance their hormones naturally with functional lab testing including GI pathogen screening, hormone testing, metals testing and mineral analysis. Kendra is an expert in detoxification using Hair Mineral Analysis and has trained under both Dr. Rick Malter and Dr. Lawrence Wilson. She is currently the head clinical adviser for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, training other health practitioners in minerals, metals and detoxification protocols. In January 2018, Kendra was awarded Women's Nutritionist of the Year & presented Global Healthy & Pharm Excellence Award for Innovations in Women's Health. She resides in Nelson British Columbia where she is a passionate skier, mountain biker, hiker and rock climber. In her down time, you will find her on the beach drinking kombucha, eating strawberries and listening to true crime podcasts. Grab your FREE Hormone Assessment at - www.kendraperry.net This time almost one (1) year ago on January 1st our first episode dropped! I gotta tell you I was super nervous.... I hesitated for a number of years to do an interview style podcast. But I had to get my message out to the world. Once I discovered functional medicine....I wanted others to know how impactful and game changing it was for couples who are trying to conceive. So I got out of my own way...and Get Pregnant Naturally podcast was born! During the last year I had the privilege of interviewing smart, courageous, inspiring and really downright bad ass women and men who are pioneers in their respective fields. And I've heard from women all over the world...sharing with me how the podcast has inspired and changed their perspective and allowed them to look at their journey to conceive in a whole NEW light. Let's face it...our current health care model is BROKEN. We are prescribing medication to treat symptoms, instead of looking at the WHOLE person and getting to the root cause of disease/illness. I know you are here because you're looking for another way. Because although the fertility clinic can work for some couples, there are others who slip through the cracks. Spending thousands and being no closer to their dream of having a baby. Women are tried of being told everything is "normal" or their eggs are too old, or an autoimmune condition couldn't possibly impact fertility. And functional medicine offers another way...a proven methodology...rooted in science...that provides answers. You've been listening as I've laid out all the facts on the Get Pregnant Naturally podcast. I'm excited to share...we have over 50,000 downloads. I want to thank you so much for listening....it really does mean the world to me! Let's dig into today's episode! We're talking about what your mineral levels mean for fertility. With our clients we use functional testing to guide our protocols. Test. Don't guess. This is our mantra. Let's see how the Hair Mineral Analysis test can give us further clues as to why you are struggling to conceive or carry a baby to term. On this podcast you'll learn:
  • Why mineral levels matter for hormones. Which minerals we need to look at first for both male and female fertility.
  • How are minerals depleted? (Hint - stress is a big one, plus many more!)
  • How does a hair mineral analysis test work and what do we do if there is an imbalance. Which test we like the best - plus diet and supplement recommendations.
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