Why Embracing Your Feminine Fire Matters For Fertility

Jan 14, 2019

Why Embracing Your Feminine Fire Matters For Fertility
Today I’m welcoming Alexandra Roxo to the podcast! We’re digging into how to embody our feminine fire. Alexandra Roxo is a writer and soon to be author with Sounds True, the co-founder of Moon Club, a filmmaker/artist, and transformational teacher. She has been devoted to the practice of moon ritual and being a part of the re-balancing of masculine and feminine energies on Planet Earth for many years through art, writing, and transformational work. She has mentored, coached, and lead 100's of hours of rituals, coaching work, and empowerment for women. Her film, video, photo, and TV work have been viewed by millions online, screened in international film festivals, and featured in press from Variety Magazine to NY Magazine to the London Times. Her Instagram posts and photos are where she currently finds artistic expression. Check out her website at: www.alexandraroxo.com
This time last year I went on on a life changing retreat at Kripalu. That's where I met Alexandra Roxo. I've been working on fine tuning my intuition for years, because...yes we're all intuitive. It's that we're not listening or noticing all the little synchronicities in life. The signs are all around us. It's time to pay attention. Alexandra teaches a very powerful practice called embodiment...which takes this concept even deeper. And it's a game changer. If you have started meditating or even if you haven't this practice will unleash the crap and garbage that keeps us stuck. Seriously this practice will rock your world.
In this episode you'll learn: 1) How to go from pushing to receiving. Learn how to hear what your body is trying to tell you. 2) You'll get to sample a mini shamanic journey (complete with drumming) which helps us to visualize a positive outcome. 3) Why the pelvic area is the centre of our feminine fire and how to access our womb, cervix, pussy or yoni....and why that matters for your fertility. 4) We discuss embodiment practice and how it helps peal away the layers and access inner knowing....plus why it made me so emotional.
She is offering a special 25% discount for us with her - How To Embody Your Feminine Fire - Masterclass (use code - newyearnewyou) here.
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