How To Navigate The Early Weeks Of Pregnancy After Infertility

May 24, 2019

How To Navigate The Early Weeks Of Pregnancy After Infertility

I'm excited to welcome Claire Brett back to the podcast. Check out her episode here - which is a peek inside a fertility hypnotherapy session.

We're digging into how to navigate pregnancy during the early weeks after infertility.

Claire Brett is a hypnotherapist, positive birth educator and fertility mindset coach. She has been supporting couples around the world from conception through to birth since 2007.

She lives in Cork, Ireland with her husband, her beautiful miracle daughter and two wayward dogs.

A lover of meditation and all things positive psychology and emotional evolvement - Claire adores supporting couples through some of the most pivotal times in their lives, having had a long and difficult road to motherhood herself.

Claire believes that we would not have the high infertility rates we do have worldwide if we tended to our emotional and mental well-being as a priority.

Claire is on a mission to widely share her important message of hope, inspiration and trust in the power of the mind-body connection for fertility, pregnancy and beyond. Visit her website at: www.fertilityfootsteps.com

It should be a happy time, but often we are consumed with constant worry, anxiety and disbelief....and we may not even feel excited.

Please know these emotions are completely normal

I wanted to open up the conversation around how to deal with pregnancy after experiencing infertility and/or loss.

In this episode you'll learn:

1) We talk about our favourite tips/strategies to help you move towards acceptance and self compassion. Plus how to reframe your thoughts.

2) What to do when you feel like you don’t belong. It's hard to discuss with pregnant friends, but we don’t want to discuss with someone who is still struggling with infertility. We talk about how to build connection.

3) How to deal with constant worry. Will I have a miscarriage? Will I bond with my baby? Will worry affect the baby? Will I be a good mom? We break down the worries and help you see a path forward.

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