Speaking Your Truth and Why It Is Important For Your Fertility

Aug 22, 2018

Speaking Your Truth and Why It Is Important For Your Fertility
I'm welcoming Spenser Brassard to the podcast!
We're digging into speaking your truth and owning your power and why it's important for your fertility.
Spenser is a Certified Life Coach from the Martha Beck Institute and she helps women all the world get pregnant who are tired of waiting to have the life they yearn for.
She knows that the pressure you're feeling to get pregnant is very real. Which is why she loves helping people make high-impact mental, spiritual and physical changes - that totally transform your life and your fertility, from the inside out. Visit her website at www.spenserbrassard.com
On this podcast you'll learn:
  • I’ve been following Spenser on instagram (check her out at @spenserbrassard) and noticed she's been getting real in 2018. Specifically one of her posts about speaking your truth struck a chord with me. How do we speak our truth and ask for what we want?
  • Funny enough I noticed that with speaking your voice, comes a lot of swearing. (Which I personally love since I have a potty mouth!!!!). Swearing allows us to vent or release our emotions and to very clearly convey communicate our feelings (can I get a hell ya!!!!). We talk about how to speak our truth and ask for what we want.
  • We all want to be accepted, but being afraid to ruffle feathers or show our unique voice can keep us feeling stuck. We talk about how this impacts our fertility journey.
  • We discuss the fertility industry and perfectionism and what to do to let it go!
  • Another big one is judgement. I love Gabrielle Bernstein’s Judgement Detox. We talk about how judgement of oneself and others impact us.
Spenser is offering a free guide - “How to stop obsessing about getting pregnant and add more EXCITEMENT into your daily life!” Download at www.spenserbrassard.com Book your free Supercharge Your Fertility Discovery call. We’ll come up with a simple plan to help you move forward…towards your dream of having your baby.
Listen here: