The Soul Of Your Baby Is Waiting For You

Jul 13, 2020

The Soul Of Your Baby Is Waiting For You

Today I’m welcoming Dr. Emma Brodzinski back to the podcast!

We’re digging into shamanic journeying and how this can help when you are TTC.

Dr Emma Brodzinski is a therapist working from a shamanic perspective. After many years of working both within the National Health Service and private practice, her own journey through IVF led her to help women navigate the emotional and spiritual aspects of the fertility roller-coaster. She has published widely on the representation suffering and the use of the arts in health and is editor of 'Positive Fertility' magazine.

Many times when we are in the middle of a struggle we can’t see a positive outcome.
We struggle with impatience, uncertainty, and want to control the outcome. As a recovering control freak – this sounds familiar.
What if there was a way to know in your heart, that the soul of your baby was waiting? How would you approach this journey differently?

On this podcast you'll learn:

Shamanic journeying work and how it helps someone struggling to visualize a positive outcome

What are spirit guides and how to find your guides

3) Spirit animals and the messages they can have for us as we navigate a struggle.

4) How journey work helps us fine-tune our intuition. Plus what emotional and physical pain can mean from a shamanic perspective.


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