Why Getting To The Bottom of Your Anxiety Can Optimize Fertility and Improve Pregnancy Success with Dr. Traci Potterf

May 06, 2024

Why Getting To The Bottom of Your Anxiety Can Optimize Fertility and Improve Pregnancy Success with Dr. Traci Potterf

We’re digging into anxiety and how this impacts reproductive health.

A theme we see with low AMH and high FSH is mood problems such as anxiety.

There can be situational anxiety from being on the fertility journey, such as feeling worried, overwhelmed or impatient.

And there can also be anxiety that we may have dealt with our whole lives.

We get hyper-focused on our mental health diagnosis, and this may be a clue as to why we are struggling to conceive.

When we rebalance the nervous system, our reproductive health comes back into balance.

Today, I’m excited to welcome Dr. Traci Potterf to the podcast. Dr Traci is a Functional Health anxiety detective. She helps growth-minded professionals overwhelmed by anxiety to find and fix the hidden causes with natural solutions so they can live a limitless life at peace in their own skin.

In this episode, you'll learn about:

  1. Why the gut-brain connection matters for someone on the fertility journey, and why the gut is referred to as the second brain
  2. The most common causes of anxiety (we discuss factors that influence brain health, such as digestion, microbiome imbalances/infections, blood sugar imbalance, adrenal dysfunction, thyroid problems, hormone imbalance and nutrient deficiencies) and why this matters if you are trying to get pregnant naturally
  3. The conventional approach to treat anxiety and how the functional approach can begin to regulate the nervous system and balance your mood (which helps with reproductive health)









  • Working in a psychiatry practice as a teen left Dr. Traci with the impression that you are genetically defective or broken if you have anxiety
  • How Dr. Traci helped her mother get in remission from Crohn’s disease
  • I noticed that when people fixed their underlying health issues, their mental health issues would resolve.
  • Dr. Traci’s decision to focus on helping people with anxiety
  • You’re not defective; there are solutions.

  • Anxiety is common on the fertility journey.
  • Different sources of anxiety from the journey itself or from before

  • How the gut-brain connection works and why it influences your hormones
  • Why damaging our gut microbiome can contribute to mental health issues
  • We can’t afford to keep ignoring the cries of our bodies.
  • Addressing the underlying causes of your anxiety will have a positive impact on your fertility

  • Using healthy hedonism to upgrade destructive pleasures to healthy pleasures
  • There are things you can do in 5 to 15 minutes a day to help your nervous system become more resilient and grounded
  • A lot of people with anxiety have a high toxic burden.
  • We live in a microbial world; don’t be scared to find out what’s inside of you.
  • When you’re nervous system is taken care of, your body in a better state to conceive

  • Strategies for bringing more joy and playfulness into your life

  • Anxiety is how the brain says “ouch”
  • Dr. Traci’s experience with having Lyme disease, lead poisoning and mold toxicity all at the same time
  • Signs of neuroinflammation
  • Focus on your biological age, not your chronological age.

  • Your body is your best friend because it’s telling you something is wrong.
  • The conventional approach focuses on fixing the symptoms instead of the underlying issues
  • Benzos may have an initial corrective effect, but over the long term, they have imbalancing effects on your brain chemistry
  • Paradoxical side effects create the exact symptom you're trying to treat with the medication.
  • Why Dr. Traci recommends titrating off of medications at a slower rate than suggested by the pharmaceutical companies


  • The functional approach focuses on getting to the root cause and optimizing the foundations of your health
  • Dr. Traci’s Inner Genius Health 3D System for optimizing your health
  • Keep the ritual but substitute the substance.
  • There are so many enchanting herbs and things we can make into beverages.
  • Why are we so fixated on this one that is literally a cup of liquid adrenaline and stress?
  • People are shocked by how much better they feel when they get off caffeine.


  • Tips & tools for nervous system regulation
  • Access your Magic Brain Trick Meditation: https://innergeniushealth.com/
  • Meditation is a significant gamechanger
  • So many things connect with our primal biology through interfacing with natural elements.
  • Our brains aren’t designed to be constantly pushed; they become inefficient.
  • Supplements that can help with anxiety


  • Gentle is often more powerful than aggressive.




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