Essential Tests To Optimize Preconception Health (That Your Doctor Won't Tell You About) with Alexandria DeVito

Jun 03, 2024

Essential Tests To Optimize Preconception Health (That Your Doctor Won't Tell You About) with Alexandria DeVito

We're digging into the essential testing needed for preconception health.

It may feel overwhelming when you are trying to conceive with all the contradictory advice out there.

But what if your doctor is missing critical testing that can fast-track your chances of pregnancy success?

It’s not about waiting until you’ve tried for more than one year if you’re under 35 or six months if you’re over 35. That’s outdated advice that only keeps you stuck.

It’s about taking charge of your health now to optimize preconception health and get pregnant.

So, what tests will help you understand your reproductive health so you can prepare your body in the best way for your baby?

I’m excited to welcome Alexandria DeVito to the podcast. Alexandria is the CEO of Poplin, the first pre-pregnancy wellness company of its kind, and a functional nutritionist specializing in fertility and preconception health.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. What tests to ask for if you’re planning to get pregnant
  2. Our take on AMH testing and which markers are more important to test
  3. Which biomarkers you need to ask to be tested (these are regularly missed), and why they are so crucial for preconception health









  • Reproductive anxiety is real, and it's on the rise.
  • Reproductive anxiety refers to any feelings of concern or anxiousness that come up when we think about our ability to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and baby
  • Reproductive anxiety is on the rise due to the perceived lack of control we have over our fertility
  • Historically, the choice has been to do nothing or do IVF, but there are actually hundreds of things in between those two.
  • There’s a massive gap in support and guidance on the fertility journey

  • Testing should be one of the first steps on the journey, so you know what you're working with
  • Fertility is an extension of your overall health.
  • We look at five categories: your blood status, your hormone status, your immune status, your metabolic status, and your nutrient status
  • The earlier you start this process, the more room you give yourself and your body to reflect those changes.

  • Blood Status
    • Here’s where you look at the health of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and iron levels
  • Hormone Status
    • This goes beyond sex hormones and looks at other markers, such as stress hormones and thyroid function
  • Immune Status
    • Autoimmune conditions are on the rise and disproportionately present in the female population
    • There are things we can do to prevent and prepare.
    • Your gut and your immune system are so intimately connected.
  • Metabolic Status
    • This looks at blood sugar management, cholesterol metabolism and liver function
  • Nutrient Status

  • Inputs do not always equal outputs.
  • If you're eating in a stressed state, the absorption of nutrition is significantly lower
  • Stress increases the demand for a lot of nutrients.
  • The value of periodically resetting your diet and lifestyle routines

  • People think that IVF is the fast track, but taking care of your health is the fast track.
  • In a lot of cases, IVF is being used too early and too often
  • People are not being given the complete information about their options to build their family
  • The critical difference between sterility and infertility
  • People are walking around thinking they can't conceive, but that is not true for most of the population.
  • The panic and rush create the opposite environment from what is needed when you want to expand your family

  • It’s essential to put your numbers in context.
  • There are multiple situations in which AMH can be artificially depressed
  • AMH has no predictive value for natural fertility.
  • At every age, egg quality is much more important than egg quantity.
  • Rather than focusing on something that we can’t control, like age, it's so much more empowering to focus on something that we can, like egg quality

  • A high-quality egg and high-quality sperm are a function of a high-quality lifestyle.
  • Baseline supplementation recommendations for fertility






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