Getting Pregnant Naturally after 40

Feb 18, 2019

Getting Pregnant Naturally after 40
I'm excited to welcome Bettina Gordoni to the podcast. We’re digging into getting pregnant naturally in our 40’s. Bettina Gordon-Wayne is an international journalist and certified mental strength trainer with an über-passion for travel. At age 44, she became the third generation of women in her family to have healthy children at an age the mainstream deems "dangerous." In her bestselling book The Joy of Later Motherhood, Bettina shares the stories and advice of women over 40 who all had natural pregnancies and healthy babies to show other women of "advanced maternal age" what is possible and, in fact, perfectly . Bettina currently resides in Washington, DC, and Vienna, Austria, with her husband, Joshua, her wild child, Hunter, and Georgia, the squirrel-chasing Pit Bull mix. I speak with so many women, 40 and over who are struggling to get pregnant. They have been told their eggs are too old...or they are too old.
In this episode you'll learn:
1) The worries/fears that mature women who are TTC focus on...and how we can begin to look at our journey differently.
2) Why it's important to BELIEVE...this statement can anger/trigger many women...if that's you...listen as we explain more.
3) Mind action steps that help us strengthen resilience
4) Steps to become the CEO of our own health.
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