Why Balancing Your Blood Sugar Matters for Fertility

Feb 18, 2019

Why Balancing Your Blood Sugar Matters for Fertility
I'm excited to welcome Katie Bressack to the podcast. We’re digging into blood sugar and the impact on fertility. Katie Bressack is an award winning health coach who specializes in women's hormonal health. With Katie's support, the women she counsels prepare their bodies for pregnancy, increase energy levels, get their periods back and on track, lose weight, eat healthier and maintain a balanced mood. Katie runs a successful 1-on-1 coaching business and has group programs that have helped hundreds of women support their health and hormones. Katie believes every woman can feel healthy and vibrant by making the best nutritional and lifestyle changes that support their body in the best way possible. Katie lives in Los Angeles with her husband and dog, Piper. When Katie is not health coaching, you can find her on her yoga mat, watching movies, reading (she loves a good romance novel) walking on the beach, hiking and spending time with friends. Are you balancing your blood sugar? We always start our 1:1 clients with a food diary (and no it's not just about recording your foods - it's how do you feel physically and emotionally after eating and throughout the day). If your blood sugar is going up and down like a roller coaster, it will impact your sex hormones - and your fertility. The food diary gives us clues and allows us to dig deeper - to see exactly how your diet is impacting your health. Let's figure out how to balance our blood sugar naturally.
In this episode you'll learn:
1) What is a normal blood sugar level. How to test your blood sugar levels. Ideal range for your AIC.
2) Complications of high and low blood sugar.
3) How stress impacts blood sugar and steps you can take right now.
4) How to balance blood sugar naturally - diet, supplement and natural solutions you can implement today.
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