The Energetics of Endo and What it Means for Fertility

Feb 25, 2019

The Energetics of Endo and What it Means for Fertility
I'm excited to welcome Aubree Deimler to the podcast. We’re digging into energy medicine and how this can be helpful during the fertility journey. Plus how to deal with pain associated with endometriosis...by tapping into our intuition and energy flow. When Aubree was 29 years old she was officially diagnosed with endometriosis. She realized that she did not want to treat it with drugs or surgery. Instead she took an alternative road on a journey of whole healing-on a physical, emotional and spiritual level... and the rest is history. As a certified integrative wellness coach and founder of the #peacewithendo movement, Aubree is deeply passionate about wellness and inspiring other women with endometriosis to reconnect with a life filled with love and positive rhythms. Her new book Energetics of Endo comes out today As you may know we use a functional approach to help our couples conceive and carry a baby to term. This includes functional lab testing (food, hormone, stool, hair). We start with an elimination diet (because you can do anything for 10 days) and then we layer in sleep, movement, eliminate the toxins, gut infections, food sensitivities and more. A big part of our program is helping to shift mindset - we use visualization, coaching, tapping and other mindfulness strategies to strengthen resilience. Because heading straight to the fertility clinic without addressing the reason you are unable to conceive...does not make sense. Your body is desperately trying to tell you something. Taking a pause to listen will give you better results....and will prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy and baby.
In this episode you'll learn:
1) Why it's important to address the sacral chakra (hint it can help with painful sex and period pain).
2) The connection between trauma and PTSD and endometriosis (and why this is important if you are on the fertility journey).
3) Plus we discuss how to use CBD oil for pain and how it helps to reduce the immune response in the body.
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