How to Ask for Support When You are TTC

Jun 01, 2020

How to Ask for Support When You are TTC

Today I’m welcoming Elyse Ash to the podcast.

We’re digging why support is so important during the fertility journey.

Elyse Ash is a writer, speaker, and the founder of Fruitful Fertility.

When I was on my fertility journey – I thought I could do it all by myself.

Because I was a strong woman, right?

I didn’t need anyone else.

I wasn’t crying every day.

So therefore I was fine?

But I wasn’t.

I was busy thinking about what I would do if it didn’t work.

I was worried that I would bother someone with my sad news.

I was so guarded, that I didn’t allow myself to feel all the feelings, because I thought if I was vulnerable I would crumble into a big heap and never get up again.

No one really understood what I was going through. It wasn’t their fault; they just didn’t get it.

And while I watched my friends get pregnant so easily, I pretended I was just fine.

What I know for sure… is that support would have helped me cope in a much more positive way.

We don’t need to go through this journey alone.

It is not a sign of weakness to ask for support. It is brave.

In this episode you'll learn:

1. Why is connection so important during infertility (especially during COVID).

2. What type of support may be more harmful than helpful (ie family, friends, social media)

3. What if we feel resistance to support (why this is a sign to dig deeper).

4. Why it is important to get support from someone on the other side of the struggle.

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