How To Be Your Own Advocate With Pregnancy Loss

Feb 12, 2024

How To Be Your Own Advocate With Pregnancy Loss

We're digging into medical jargon associated with pregnancy loss.

Navigating the medical system during pregnancy loss can be overwhelming.

That’s why we wanted to break down the medical jargon so you can be your own advocate.

Also, you may notice that we use the term pregnancy loss instead of miscarriage.

This is because you did nothing to miscarry your pregnancy.

Pregnancy loss is not your fault.

Let’s learn how to navigate the confusing medical jargon associated with pregnancy loss so you can ask for the care that is right for you.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. How we define the different types of pregnancy loss
  2. What goes into diagnosing a pregnancy loss
  3. Medication for 1st and 2nd trimester loss
  4. Understanding D&C and D&E
  5. Mental and emotional strategies for coping








      • This is a really early-stage loss
      • Chemical pregnancy losses can be hard to recognize because they often happen before the first doctor's appointment


      • There may not be any indication that there's anything of concern


      • Often diagnosed at the first ultrasound


      • The embryo implants itself somewhere outside of the uterus
      • Ectopic pregnancies must be terminated for the mother’s health
      • Looking at hCG levels doesn't give you an indication of how well your pregnancy is going.
      • Certain conditions like endometriosis increase your risk of having an ectopic pregnancy


      • Molar pregnancy is a genetic anomaly that develops abnormal tissues in your uterus
      • This can be particularly difficult since you are asked to refrain from trying for the next three to six months


      • Spontaneous miscarriages are characterized by bleeding and birth without intervention
      • You may not even know that you're having an active miscarriage.
      • There are many reasons you may bleed during a healthy pregnancy


      • This happens as a result of a spontaneous reduction of a multi-fetus pregnancy to a singleton pregnancy
      • The second embryo is partially or fully reabsorbed into the body
      • It’s especially tricky because you have a pregnancy that is successfully progressing while simultaneously mourning a loss


      • When you're going through a pregnancy loss, there will be some terminology used for medical and insurance purposes that can be jarring
      • In the medical field, the word abortion is used to diagnose pregnancy loss.
      • Standard terms you may see around a pregnancy loss and the history behind them
      • Seeing these terms can be triggering, but know it's not malicious.


      • Spotting is not necessarily a sign that you're miscarrying.
      • Your doctor is looking for a steady increase in hCG levels over a 48 to 72-hour period.
      • Ultrasound is where you want to go and see what is happening outside of a blood test.
      • Make sure you’re giving yourself enough compassion and care during this time.
      • Your grief is valid, no matter what your pregnancy loss looks like
      • Avoid going to your doctor appointments by yourself

      26:06 MEDICATIONS

      • Medications can assist in completing the pregnancy loss in the comfort and privacy of your home
      • You may feel pressured to make a quick decision but know that you deserve the space to be well-educated.
      • There are services like our community or pregnancy loss doulas that can help navigate what these different medications mean to you


      • D&C (dilation and curettage) is usually performed in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy and is typically an outpatient procedure
      • If you’re experiencing a pregnancy loss between 13 to 20 weeks, you may be presented with the option to do a D&E (dilation and evacuation)
      • A D&E can be the right choice if you want to avoid having an unmedicated or unassisted birth
      • With both procedures, there may be some vaginal bleeding and your body needs time to repair


      • Pregnancy loss is a traumatic event.
      • It’s essential to have support around you in these situations
      • If you can rest and allow yourself space not only to grieve but for your body to process what's going on, please do.
      • Take an inventory of what's causing the pain to be a little quieter and what's causing it to be louder.
      • There's no right way to grieve.
      • If you're the partner of someone who's physically experiencing the loss, the best thing you can do is hold space for the grief that you're both experiencing.
      • WhatsYourGrief.com



      • It's hard to explain to someone who hasn't been through it.
      • It can be devastating for your partner to feel powerless to help you when they want to do everything in their power to help you.

      38:58 FINAL THOUGHTS

      • When you're going through this, you don't need to be alone.
      • Connect with people who have gone through loss and surround yourself with resources and people who will help you get through the loss and the grief of the loss.



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