How To Select The Right Supplements To Improve Low AMH and High FSH

Feb 05, 2024

How To Select The Right Supplements To Improve Low AMH and High FSH

We’re digging into how to select the correct fertility supplements.

Figuring out which supplements to take to optimize fertility may have you feeling overwhelmed.

You may think you’re saving money by getting your supplements on Amazon, but it is essential to prioritize safety and quality over convenience or price.

Many supplements can actually harm our fertility.

They can have fillers, binders, synthetic ingredients, dyes, preservatives and chemical additives.

Also, many supplements contain top allergens like gluten, soy and dairy that can impede the chances of pregnancy success.

So, what are the foundational supplements for fertility, and how do we select the right product for us?

In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. Foundational supplements to enhance both male and female fertility
  2. Which supplement helps with egg quality, reduces the risk of early miscarriage and helps with the production of healthy sperm
  3. Supplements that help with sperm quality and motility
  4. How this supplement can balance estrogen for women and testosterone for men - plus increase libido for both sexes







      • High-quality supplements can be a valuable part of a healthy diet and lifestyle
      • Supplements are helpful but using them alone will not serve you.
      • You can’t out-supplement a bad diet and lifestyle. You have to adjust the fundamentals first.



      • Why we recommend professional-grade supplements
      • What to look for in high-quality supplements
      • The danger of buying supplements on Amazon
      • Risks from taking the wrong supplements
      • It’s worth getting it right when it comes to supplements.
      • Foundational supplements for the fertility journey


      • Why these are recommended once you are thinking about getting pregnant
      • Folate versus folic acid
      • A high-quality, broad-spectrum multivitamin can do wonders.
      • The importance of adequate nutritional supplements for men on the fertility journey
      • Why it’s vital to make the improvements as a couple

      16:35 OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS

      • Our modern diets tend to be higher in omega-6s
      • Most people would benefit from taking omega-3 supplements
      • Chronic inflammation is one of the biggest underlying factors for fertility issues.
      • Benefits of omega-3s in the fertility journey
      • Risks associated with low-quality fish oil supplements

      23:21 VITAMINS D3 & K2

      • Sunshine is your best option but the right supplement can be key.
      • Why most of us are deficient in vitamin D
      • Vitamin D is a prohormone
      • The role of vitamin D in sex hormone production and immune function
      • What to look for in a vitamin D supplement

      28:59 CoQ10/UBIQUINOL

      • Benefits of ubiquinol on the fertility journey
      • Protecting our eggs from oxidative stress
      • Ubiquinol versus ubiquinone
      • Ubiquinol for sperm health

      32:05 PROBIOTICS

      36:55 FINAL THOUGHTS



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