How To Connect With Your Spirit Baby When You Have Low AMH/High FSH

Sep 04, 2023

How To Connect With Your Spirit Baby When You Have Low AMH/High FSH

We’re digging into how to connect with your spirit baby.

Many times before couples work with us, they have experienced cancelled IVF cycles due to low follicle count, failed IVFs due to egg or embryo quality, or have been labelled a poor responder.

I know firsthand how difficult it is to hear that you have a very small chance of conceiving naturally or that donor eggs are your only option.

This information from a well-meaning reproductive endocrinologist can be embedded in your subconscious, making it challenging to see a positive outcome.

We may even begin to hypnotize ourselves negatively.

So, how can we shift our mindset to see a positive outcome?

Connecting to our spirit baby can give us comfort when we’re in the middle of a struggle.

Let’s learn how to access this powerful spiritual medicine.

Today I’m welcoming Nancy Mae to the podcast. Nancy is an Intuitive Fertility Educator and Spirit Baby Expert.

In this episode you'll learn:

  1. How to connect with your spirit baby
  2. The benefit of tapping into your spirit baby when you are TTC
  3. The best way to start connecting with a spirit baby (and how do you know it's not just your mind playing tricks on you?)





        3:49 WELCOME NANCY MAE



        • Spirit babies are the energies of future children.
        • Exploring the spirit baby realm
        • When you're bringing in a spirit baby, you're bringing in the soul of that particular energy.
        • How you can start tapping into the spirit baby realm
        • Spirit babies speak to us through our heart.
        • Different ways you can connect with your spirit baby
        • HeartMath Institute Website
        • The importance of grounding yourself and getting in tune with your intuition


        • Our physical body is constantly talking to us and giving us clues about what's going on.

        17:42 PREGNANCY LOSS

        • Sometimes a spirit baby comes to give you a message.
        • Grieving and honouring the connection with the soul of the spirit baby after a loss
        • People often miss the spiritual aspect of bringing a child into this world.
        • Nancy’s experience with miscarriage and recognizing the lesson in the hardship
        • Distinguishing between your authentic soul voice and the critical judge


        • When you’re bringing in a spirit baby, you’re working with the quantum field
        • Factors that influence their choices


        • Imaginary friends can be a form of communication from spirit babies or other spiritual beings
        • Why Nancy suggests acknowledging and accepting the presence of imaginary friends


        • Inspired action comes from quieting ourselves and that takes practice
        • Make time to turn inward daily.
        • When we feel overwhelmed, we’re disconnected from our spiritual side
        • The significance of energetic hygiene
        • Being disconnected from the spiritual side can affect the connection with the spirit baby
        • Shifting out of unhelpful patterns and connecting with the body is essential for your fertility.
        • The deepest, richest answers lie within us.
        • Our energetic health is equally important to our physical health
        • Self-love and setting aside time for self-care practices during the fertility journey


        • Many of us can benefit from shifting into a more receptive state
        • Are you doing this from your heart or your head?
        • Switching to the right side of your brain instead of your left side
        • How to start tapping into your body’s wisdom
        • It’s always worth it to make decisions from a more grounded state


        52:00 FINAL THOUGHTS

        • Give yourself a lot of grace and compassion.
        • Integrate the lessons that this fertility journey is teaching you.




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